Amazon's Halo View fitness tracker just crashed to $59 before Black Friday

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Amazon’s newest fitness tracker, the Halo View, is now on sale for just $59. That’s going to save you $20 off of its regular price. That’s a pretty good price for any fitness tracker, to be quite honest. It’s not quite an all-time low, which was $49 back in August, but still a good price for a fitness tracker.

With the Halo View fitness tracker, you can check your heart rate, steps, Activity score, and on-demand blood oxygen levels. Check the quantity and quality of your sleep. Receive text messages, start live workouts, and get move reminders on your wrist. Halo View has up to 7-days battery life that fully charges in 2 hours and is swim proof up to 50 meters.

Whether you’re working out or going about your day, Halo can help you better understand, measure, and improve your movement health over time. Use Halo View to track your workouts, active and sedentary time, intensity of activity, and steps. Get the Halo Movement Assessment with the Halo app to help improve everyday movements like reaching, twisting, and bending.


Halo measures the quality and quantity of your sleep to provide a nightly Sleep score, personalized insights, and suggestions to help you sleep better.  Discover how long it takes you to fall asleep. See how many times you wake up in the night. Track how long you spend in each phase of sleep.

With Halo membership and your Halo View, access premium on-demand workouts from partners like Halle Berry’s rē•spin, Sweat, and our newest addition, Halo Fitness. These include HIIT and strength programs, Yoga and Barre classes, Walking and low-impact routines, and Workouts from less than 5 to 60 minutes.

You can pick up the Halo View from Amazon today by clicking here. This sale is not going to last long, so you’ll want to grab this before it is gone.


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