The Amazon Halo Can Help You Get In Shape, Now Just $70!

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For Prime members, the Amazon Halo fitness tracker is now on sale for just $69.99. That’s going to save you $30 off of the Halo, and this is really the first time that the Halo has gone on sale.

It’s worth mentioning that this price is only available for Amazon Prime members, as this is an early Prime Day sale. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Prime here, and take advantage of this price.

Amazon Halo Band is an accurate health tool on its own, but offers even more as part of Amazon Halo, the health and wellness membership designed to help you improve your health by better understanding it.


Hundreds of premium on-demand workouts, daily meditations, sleep and nutrition support, and more. Analyze body fat percentage—a better indicator of health than weight or BMI alone. Track active and sedentary time, intensity of movement, and steps. Analyze your sleep patterns, like how often you wake up in the night. Analyze your tone of voice to become more aware of how you sound to others. Measure your movement health and receive a personalized plan to help you improve over time.

Halo members have full access to our ever-expanding suite of tools, features, and programs including Body composition and Tone. Non-members can still use the Amazon Halo Band and Halo app to access basic features like steps, heart rate, sleep time, and sleep tracking.

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Discover is the destination within the Halo app where you can explore our ever-growing library of premium workouts and programs, from Halle Berry’s rē•spin to SWEAT. Whatever your goal, schedule, or style, Halo always has a new way to help you work out, sleep better, reduce stress, eat healthier, and more.

You can pick up the Amazon Halo fitness tracker from Amazon today by clicking here.

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