You Can Save As Much As 56% On A New Amazon Blink Outdoor Cam

Blink Outdoor Camera Prime Day 2020

Amazon has added a new deal in conjunction with its ongoing Prime Day deals, offering as much as 56-percent off on its Blink Outdoor security camera kits.

The Blink Outdoor is an award-winning camera designed to survive the elements. And it provides all of the benefits of a modern smart security camera. But it also packs a two-year battery life, making Blink Outdoor one of the most high-value offerings around.

Now, some of the deals on this particular camera aren’t necessarily Prime-only. But Amazon is sweetening the deal for Amazon Prime members — including those with free 30-day trial memberships.  deals are solely intended for Amazon Prime members. In three of the available kits, the company is including a discounted $10 Amazon Echo Show display-enabled smart home hub.


In particular, Amazon is offering 56-percent off its two-camera kit. Including the $10 5.5-inch Echo Show. That brings the price for Prime members down to just $119.99. Typically, buyers can expect to pay $269.98 at full price for all of the included items. Additionally, Amazon discounts the two-camera kit without a Prime membership by 39-percent to just $109.99. That’s from the cost of the cameras alone at $179.99.

The company has discounted its single-camera Blink Outdoor kit too. By as much as 35-percent, taking the price from $99 to $64.99.

Amazon has also put three- and five-camera kits on sale. But Amazon doesn’t note the price decrease. And it’s impossible to determine where the discounts have been made. Especially since the Prime-only deal is more expensive than the kits without the Echo Show. So, without the $10 Echo Show included non-prime members will pay $249.99 and $379.99, respectively. There’s still a $10 Prime-only kit with the other gadget included. Those sell for $339.98 or $469.98.


Finally, the company discounted its add-on standalone cameras now as well. But there’s no discount for Prime Day on the Amazon Echo Show with regard to the Blink Outdoor add-on camera. This deal is for everybody and puts the cost down 33-percent to $59.99 from $89.99.

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