Keep An Eye On Your Pets While You're Away With This Petcube Black Friday Sale

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Amazon has the Petcube on sale for Black Friday right now, coming in at just $33.99. That is down from its regular price of $49.99. That is just a few bucks short of an all-time low, but it is the lowest in the past year.

The Petcube is a camera that is specifically designed to keep an eye on your pets – mostly dogs. It’s a pretty small camera that can be angled in different ways, and also alert you when your dog is barking. There’s also motion detection, and night vision available. The Petcube will capture video in 1080p, so you can see exactly what your pet is doing while you’re gone.

If your dog is getting on the counter and he shouldn’t be, there is a microphone inside the camera that can be used to tell them to get down. Or just talk to your dog.


Now unlike some other pet cameras, there’s no way to give your dog a treat while you’re gone, unfortunately. Those cameras are generally quite a bit more expensive.

However, a cool feature that Petcube has is Vet Chat. Which allows you to talk with a vet on demand, without needing to pay for anything. This can be useful if your dog ate some turkey at Thanksgiving, and you’re not sure if that’s okay or not.

Petcube works on 2.4GHz WiFi only, and not 5GHz. That is because of the range for 2.4GHz. Since it doesn’t really need the fast speeds, it needs the coverage more.


The only downside with Petcube is with the free subscription, it does not record anything. So you can only see what’s happening in real-time. But you can share it with friends and family that might live with you too.

You can pick up the Petcube from Amazon today by clicking here.

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