Cyber Monday: Marshall speakers, headphones & earphones are on sale

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If you’ve been on the lookout for new audio equipment, we may have something you’ll be interested in. A bunch of Marshall products are now on sale, as part of Cyber Monday, including speakers, headphones, and earphones.

Discounted Marshall speakers

As far as speakers are concerned, the Marshall Stanmore II can now be yours for $249.99. It is discounted by 34%, and it’s the middle ground here. The Marshall Woburn is kind of the best you can get at $399.99. That is not cheap, but considering it’s discounted from $549.99, some of you may jump at the deal.

If you lean towards a bit more affordable options, the Marshall Emberton can be yours for only $99 now, as it’s discounted from $169.99. The Marshall Uxbridge costs $149.99 as we speak, down from $219.99.



Discounted Marshall headphones & earphones

The company’s excellent Marshall Major IV headphones are also a part of the discount. These headphones usually cost $149.99, and now you can get them for $99.99. They have that stealthy industrial look that many people seem to love.

These headphones offer really compelling battery life, and come with a USB-C port. They come with custom-tuned dynamic drivers, and are available in black color only.


Moving on, Marshall has a number of truly wireless earphones to offer. The Marshall Adidas Z.N.E 01 earphones are now priced at $79.99, down from $99.99. These earbuds are a result of a collaboration between the two companies, and come in several different options.

In fact, there are two different variants design-wise to choose from. The more expensive pair is priced at $129.99, and offers noise canceling, if that’s something you need.

The Marshall Motif and earphones are on the more expensive side. They’re now priced at $149.99, but usually cost $199.99. These are Marshall’s best offerings on this list, in terms of earphones.


Headphones & earphones:

You can check out all the deals we’ve talked about by clicking here, or checking out the link below.

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