Save big on USB-C chargers from Anker this Black Friday

anker gan prime

Black Friday is always a good time to stock up on some USB-C chargers for your home, office, car and much more. And Anker has you covered this year. Knocking about 30% off of most of its most popular chargers. This includes their new GANPrime chargers as well, which are really worth checking out.

Here’s the whole list of what’s on sale from Anker today:

If you’re only going to buy one charger from this sale today, we’d recommend the Anker GaNPrime 65W charger. This is a 65W USB-C charger that has two USB-C PD ports as well as a USB-A port. It’s actually the charger I use at my desk everyday to charge my laptop, as well as my smartphone and smartwatch. Because it is a GaN charger, it actually is a lot smaller than you might think. Which makes it incredible for traveling with. Especially since the prongs do fold down.


The other option for us would be the Anker Nano 3. This is a pretty small charger which can charge at 30W. So it’s pretty capable and will charge most phones fast enough. It’s also just $16, which makes it a really great deal.

And if you’re prone to power outages or like to go camping, then the Anker 757 Portable Power Station is a great option. It’s down to $979 right now, from $1,399. It also has quite a bit of power and a ton of ports to. It can even power some appliances.

You can pick up these chargers and so much more from Anker today in its Black Friday sale, by clicking here.


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