Black Friday 2021: Sale Dates, Deals & What To Expect

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Black Friday 2021 is nearly upon us, and it’s going to be very different from previous years. With the lasting effects of the pandemic, even though most of us are back to work and back to a somewhat normal life this year. There are still plenty of lasting effects, that will affect the holidays this year.

From different shortages, to a lack of drivers to actually get things shipped to stores and even to your door. It’s going to be a good idea to start your holiday shopping early this year.

Here’s everything you need to know about Black Friday 2020. Including when it is, what kind of deals to expect, and much more.


What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the one day a year that retailers mark down almost everything, in an effort to get you to buy more and more products. This is typically when retailers make the most money, hence the term “black friday”. This is when retailers go from being in the red to being in the black.

Every retailer, including online-only retailers, will discount many products for Black Friday. It’s also a good time to get started on your shopping for the holidays.

When is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday starts on November 26, 2021, officially.


But as we’ve seen every year, Black Friday sales start earlier and earlier. This year, retailers started Black Friday way back in October, thanks to all of the different shortages that we’re having right now. Best Buy has been running Black Friday 2021 sales since October. And offering a Black Friday Guarantee, that the product(s) won’t be cheaper on Black Friday, or they will refund you the difference, which is nice.

Typically, Black Friday sales start on the Wednesday before Black Friday. But the biggest sales start on Black Friday. And they last through Cyber Monday and into Cyber Week, normally. But the best deals are usually early in the morning on Black Friday.

Black Friday deals will last through Cyber Monday, but not typically the best deals. It’s more like leftovers from Black Friday that most people didn’t buy.


Will COVID-19 affect Black Friday?

COVID-19 will also be affecting Black Friday this year. As mentioned before, there are a lot of shortages going on right now. The biggest being the chip shortage, which is keeping a lot of companies from having as much stock on store shelves as they’d like. That’s also what is keeping cars from being made.

On top of that, we are seeing other shortages, like glass bottles. So anything that comes in a glass bottle might have a shortage this year. It’s kind of crazy, but it will only get worse before it gets better.

If that wasn’t enough, there is also a log-jam of cargo ships at different ports around the world. A big reason for this is because there are not enough truck drivers to take the goods to warehouses, and stores across the country. So other ships are not able unload, and hence, the backup. Which is one of the bigger reasons for these shortages.


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That’s what the ports in California look like right now. Wow. And we don’t expect this to get much better before the end of the year.

Are there going to be shipping delays?

Yes, there will be shipping delays.


Shipping delays are not new to holiday shopping, as many stores are seeing huge increases in sales and more people are shopping online than ever before. But this year, it’ll be even worse. The whole world is short-handed. That includes USPS, UPS, FedEx, and even Amazon. So it’s a good idea to start your shopping early, to ensure that your gifts will arrive on-time.

Even the retailers want you to start shopping early. Both Amazon and Best Buy (among others) have started their “Black Friday-worthy” prices on products well ahead of Black Friday. Starting in early October. So you can shop early and not worry about missing a deal.

What Black Friday sales can I expect to see?

Everything is going to be on sale, and we do mean everything. Black Friday is the one time of the year where everyone is looking to buy stuff that’s on sale. So companies are going to discount literally everything. Last year, we saw discounts on streaming services. Like Disney+ going for $49.99 per year instead of $69.99. So no matter what you are looking for, it’s going to be on sale.


Amazon is definitely going to be discounting its lineup of Echo Devices. As well as its eero, Blink and Ring devices. Those always see the largest discounts this time of year.

As well as some steep discounts on smartphones. Samsung’s latest will likely lead the way in the steepest percentage discount. As we have already seen those drop quite a bit since they launched earlier this year. But expect to see the Pixel 6 also drop in price. However, maybe not as drastically as in previous years.

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Will stores announce deals ahead of time?

Stores will be announcing their deals well ahead of Black Friday. So you can have time to prepare for it, and decide where you want to buy each item.

Retailers release “circulars” about a month ahead of the big day. So you can see what is going to be on sale. The sales are pretty much the same from store to store, so it really comes down to which store you’d prefer to shop at. There might be a few items that are different prices at Best Buy versus Staples, but for the most part, they are all the same.

Stores will also have sales ahead of Black Friday. So you don’t need to wait until November 26 to start your shopping.

Are Black Friday Sales already available?

Yes. And it’s not just Best Buy that has started offering Black Friday sales already. There are a number of other retailers with Black Friday 2021 sales already available.

And there are many early Black Friday deals available. Make sure to keep it locked to AndroidHeadlines for all of the latest early Black Friday deals. As we’ll be rounding them up every single day.

How can I prepare for Black Friday?

The best way to prepare for Black Friday is make a list. Start with making a list of things you want to buy people for the holidays, including your mom, dad, siblings, etc. Then make a separate list of items you want to buy (but don’t necessarily need). That way you know what to look out for, when checking out these Black Friday deals. Especially since you’re not going to have a lot of time to think about what to buy during Black Friday. As these deals are going to go really quickly.

This also helps you not to overspend on things that you don’t need. Things you bought just because it was on sale. This is why two lists are definitely helpful. The stuff you need – who doesn’t love saving on stuff you’re going to be buying anyways – and then one full of stuff you want.

It’s not about buying stuff just because it is on sale, but spending your money smarter.

Should I wait til after Black Friday to shop?

You can, but it’s recommended not to. Most of the bigger deals are going to be on Black Friday and through Cyber Week. After that, products will be on sale, but not as discounted as they were on Black Friday.

Of course, if you need some help with sales on Black Friday and throughout the holiday shopping season, AndroidHeadlines is here to help. As we do all year round and have been doing for the past seven years, we’ll be rounding up the best deals daily. So you’ll want to keep an eye on this link here, so you don’t miss any of the good deals.

Should I care about Black Friday?

You should care if you like saving money. And we all like saving money.

While Black Friday is a way for retailers to make their Q4 numbers look impressive, it’s also great for consumers, as we can get products at massive discounts. That’s not something that happens every day. Some of the deals that we see on Black Friday, we may never see again. Take the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, for example, it dropped to $129 last year. It has not dropped that low since then. In fact, it has only gone on sale once since last year. And that was to $139.

So yeah, you should definitely care about Black Friday. It’s an easy way to get a head start on your holiday shopping too.