Black Friday: Amazon's Echo Show 5 smart display drops to its lowest price ever

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Amazon has dropped the price of the Echo Show 5 to its lowest price ever. Now it’s just $34.99, which is down from its regular price of $64.99. That’s good for its lowest price ever.

The Echo Show 5 is a 5-inch smart display with Alexa built-in. Allowing you to ask Alexa to do different things, like show you the weather, show you videos and so much more. It can also act as a smart photo display, so you can see your favorite photos here. Which is definitely nice to see.

Amazon offers the Echo Show 5 in three colors: Glacier White, Charcoal and Deep Sea Blue. All of which are really nice. However the Glacier White color does show the sensors and cameras on the front of the display.


As mentioned, you can play videos on the Echo Show 5. Most streaming services are available here. Like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and more. YouTube is not technically supported, but you can use it through the web browser. Which is really nice to have. Of course, Alexa is built-in, so you can control your smart home with this smart display. Including being able to see what’s happening in front of your home if you have a Ring Video Doorbell. As well as other Ring cameras on your Echo Show. You can also control your smart lights, thermostat and so much more.

Now the Echo Show 5 is not the only smart display on sale. The others are also on sale, as well as some other bundles of the Echo Show 5. As we’ve outlined below. But you can buy the Echo Show 5 from Amazon by clicking here.