Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Bluetooth, Portable, Bookshelf & More Speakers! – Updated November 10

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Many of us are using speakers daily. Whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music, or doing something else entirely. Speakers are an essential part of our everyday routine, so it’s a good idea to have good speakers. If you’re looking to purchase a gift for someone who likes to listen to music, or watch videos a lot… well, getting a good speaker, or a pair of speakers may be a good idea.

There are tons of different variations of speakers these days, though. From high-quality stereo speakers for crystal clear audio which professionals use, to speakers that we use on our working desks and portable speakers for picnics, and whatnot. These are only some examples. That being said, you’ll find 13 speakers in the list down below. We did our best to differentiate, and include all sorts of speakers here. They are not listed in a specific order, though.

Product nameCostWhere to buy
KEF LS50 Meta$1,599.99Amazon / Best Buy
Triangle Borea BR08$1,119Amazon
ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2$214.98Amazon / Best Buy /Walmart
Sony SSCS5$118Amazon / Best Buy / Walmart
Edifier S1000DB$349.99Amazon / Best Buy / Walmart
JBL Flip 5$104.69Amazon
Bang & Olufsen A1 (2nd-gen)$189.17Amazon
Amazon Echo Show 5 bundle$74.98Amazon
Amazon Echo Dot (4th-gen)$49.99Amazon / Best Buy / Walmart
Amazon Echo (4th-gen)$99.99Amazon / Best Buy / Walmart
Google Nest Mini (2nd-gen)$24.99Best Buy
Google Nest Audio$99.99Best Buy
Apple HomePod Mini$99.99Best Buy

KEF LS50 Meta

KEF LS50 Meta render 11


The KEF LS50 Meta is the most expensive set of speakers on this list, and for a good reason. These speakers come with a Uni-Q driver array, and offer outstanding sound transparency. KEF also used Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) in order to reduce unwanted sound from the rear of the driver by 99-percent.

These speakers have a frequency range (-6dB) – 47 Hz – 45 kHz, and are available in four color variants on Amazon, including Carbon Black, Mineral White, Titanium Gray, and Royal Blue (Special Edition). They also look quite stealthy, and are easy to pair with basically any setup, you just need to get the right color. This is quite an expensive gift, but it’s well worth it if someone you love adores excellent sound quality.

KEF LS50 Meta - Amazon / Best Buy


Triangle Borea BR08

Triangle Borea BR08 render 11

The Triangle Borea BR08 speakers are also quite expensive. This pair of speakers will set you back over $1,000 if you decide to get them, but they do have a lot to offer. These are the so-called tower speakers, and they look excellent in this black finish. They do include a silk dome tweeter, and extremely precise low frequencies.

The sound coming from these speakers is exceptional. Do note that they do work best in a larger room, and that you should place them at least 40cm away from the rear wall. These speakers are extremely powerful, and offer crystal clear sound with outstanding bass.


Triangle Borea BR08 - Amazon

ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2

ELAC Debut 2 0 B5 2 render 11

The ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 speakers are considerably more affordable than the first two entries on this list. This pair of speakers also looks quite stealthy, and it’s not too large. You can use them with a grille that comes in the box, or without it, whichever you prefer. The sound is excellent, it’s very detailed, sharp, and you can get plenty of bass as well.


It’s compatible with nearly all AV receivers and stereo amplifiers, while it has a 46Hz – 35kHz frequency response. All in all, the ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 speakers are an excellent choice at this price tag, that’s for sure.

ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 - Amazon / Best Buy /Walmart

Sony SSCS5

Sony SSCS5 render 11


The Sony SSCS5 bookshelf speakers are an excellent find at around $200. At the time of writing this article, these speakers are actually priced at under $150, and that’s a steal. They come with a 3-way, 3-speaker bass-reflex system. An excellent woofer is also included, and a 1-inch polyester main tweeter.

These speakers offer impressive sound staging, and sound reproduction to 50KHz. The front speaker has a rated impedance of 6 ohms. Do note that you’ll need a receiver to drive these speakers, though, as they are passive speakers. With that in mind, they do offer a lot for the price tag.

Sony SSCS5 - Amazon / Best Buy / Walmart


Edifier S1000DB

Edifier S1000DB render 11

The Edifier S1000DB speakers are some of the best-looking speakers on the list. If you know someone who likes wooden products, this combination of light wood and dark front looks great. These speakers are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, while they also include optical, coaxial and AUX inputs. A 5.5-inch mid-range unit is included, and is paired with Digital Sound Processing (DSP) tech.

A remote controller is included, and so is a 2-year warranty. The grills are detachable, but are included. The low-end of the spectrum is excellent here, and so is the bass. The high-range is also nothing to scoff at, quite the contrary. These speakers more than justify their price tag.


Edifier S1000DB - Amazon / Best Buy / Walmart

JBL Flip 5

JBL Flip 5 render 11

The JBL Flip 5 is a really quality Bluetooth speaker. This speaker is splashproof, as it’s IPX7 rated, so it’s great for pool parties and whatnot. It’s also great for hiking, and anything you may be doing while you’re out and about. The sound really is impressive for its size, which is a huge plus, of course.

This speaker is meant to be used outside, there’s no doubt about it, but if you need a speaker to have around the house, that is portable, it works for that purpose as well. This is certainly not the newest speaker, but it’s a great choice nonetheless.

JBL Flip 5 - Amazon

Bang & Olufsen A1 (2nd-gen)

Bang Olufsen A1 render 11

The Bang & Olufsen A1 (2nd-gen) is a highly portable Bluetooth speaker.  It’s extremely compact, and it looks really nice thanks to its circular shape and grille-like design. It is a great option for playing music on the go, as it’s so compact that it’s something you can always have with you. It has a peak power of 2x140W, by the way.

You can even get two of these speakers to get a stereo experience. One charge can provide you up to 24 hours of play time on normal volume levels. It comes with an all aluminum dome, and it’s also dust and splash resistant.

Bang & Olufsen A1 - Amazon

Amazon Echo Show 5

Amazon Echo Show 5 render 11

Now, you may wonder why is a smart display on this list. Well, the Amazon Echo Show 5 may be a smart display, but it’s also a solid  speaker at the same time. So, not only do you get a speaker here, but a 5.5-inch display that is touch-sensitive, and you can also control the device with your voice thanks to Alexa.

On top of all that, this is a bundle offer. You’ll get a Blink Mini security camera with the Echo Show 5 if you avail the offer. That is a fullHD indoor camera, and it’s great for supervising your pets and for general security purposes.

Amazon Echo Show 5 - Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot (4th-gen)

Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen render 11

The Amazon Echo Dot (4th-gen) is a considerably more affordable variant of the Amazon Echo. If you like this orb-like design, you’ll be right at home in that regard. Also, there are three color options are your disposal. This speaker does support Amazon Alexa, so you can control it with your voice.

You can stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple, Music, Spotify, and more here. Controlling smart home devices via Alexa is actually one of the most popular use cases for Amazon’s personal assistant, and this is an ideal device for something like that. At $49.99, it’s a great gift.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th-gen) - Amazon / Best Buy / Walmart

Amazon Echo (4th-gen)

Amazon Echo 4th gen render 11 1

The Amazon Echo (4th-gen) is basically a souped up version of the Echo Dot (4th-gen). This device delivers a superior speaker, so if the speaker quality is of great importance to you, you may want to get this one instead. It offers basically the same design as the Echo Dot (4th-gen), and it also comes in three color options.

This speaker is also equipped with Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant. It can not only play music and podcasts from all the sources we’ve mentioned for the Dot, but it can also serve in a number of other ways, same as on the Dot. It can set reminders for you, tell you jokes, control your smart home devices, and more.

Amazon Echo (4th-gen) - Amazon / Best Buy / Walmart

Google Nest Mini (2nd-gen)

Google Nest Mini render 11

If you’re not really into what Amazon’s Alexa has to offer, or you’re not in Amazon’s ecosystem in general, there’s always an alternative. The best alternative is the Google Assistant. The Google Nest Mini (2nd-gen) is one of the most affordable speakers with Google Assistant on board, if not the most affordable one.

This small puck-like speaker can do most of the things Alexa can, and a number of additional ones. It has the full power of Google Assistant that comes included on your smartphone. On top of that, it has a rather compelling speaker. That may seem compelling considering the size of this thing, and it is. The company managed to improve the sound quality compared to the first-gen product.

Google Nest Mini (2nd-gen) - Best Buy

Google Nest Audio

Google Nest Audio render 11

If you like the design of the Google Nest Mini, but you want a considerably more powerful speaker, you can always get the Nest Audio. This smart speaker is larger than the Nest Mini, quite a bit, but it does also offer considerably better sound quality. It’s better in every way, as the audio is punchy, and you even get some bass as part of the package.

This thing is also equipped with Google Assistant, and it can basically do everything the Nest Mini can. The more Google Assistant-compatible smart devices you have around the house, the better. The Nest Audio comes in four color options, so there’s a version here for everyone, basically.

Google Nest Audio - Best Buy

Apple HomePod Mini

Apple HomePod Mini render 11

If neither Alexa nor Google Assistant would suit the person you’re buying the gift for, perhaps you should look towards Apple. If whoever you’re buying your gift for is in Apple’s ecosystem, the company has a speaker of its own, the HomePod Mini. This speaker is equipped with Siri, which is arguably inferior to both Alexa and Google Assistant, but many people prefer it.

On the other hand, if an iPhone is in play, then Siri is basically your only choice. This speaker also offers an orb-like design, and it looks really great, actually. It’s considerably more expensive than most affordable offerings from both Amazon and Google, but that’s not surprising for Apple.

Apple HomePod Mini - Best Buy