Top 5 Best DualSense Charging Stations For The PS5

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Finding the best DualSense charging stations may not be at the top of everyone’s priority list when it comes to the PS5. In fact finding a PS5 is more of a priority right now since people are still having trouble getting a hold of one.

Interestingly enough, getting the DualSense Charging Station that Sony makes is almost as challenging as getting the console itself. But it’s not the only solution you have at your disposal. There are other charging stations out there for your DualSense controller and these are the best ones we could find.

If you’re looking for an easier way to make sure you always have a charged controller on hand, you need a couple of things. One, it’s a good idea to have a second controller so you can keep one charged up and ready to go the moment you need it. Two, a charging station is nice add-on. It’s not a necessity, but it does make life easier. Because you don’t have to keep the second controller charging elsewhere, and you don’t need to have it plugged into the console. Thus taking up one of your precious ports.


Then if you ever need to, you can simply swap controllers when the battery dies.


AccessoryCostWhere To Buy
PlayStation DualSense Charging Station$29.99Amazon, B&H, Target
NexiGo Dobe Upgraded PS5 Controller Charger$22.99Amazon
OIVO PS5 Dual Controller Charger$22.99Amazon
Charger For PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller$8.76Amazon
NexiGo PS5 DualSense Controller Charging Battery Pack$17.99Amazon

Top 5 Best DualSense Charging Stations for the PS5

Sure, charging your DualSense controller is certainly less expensive if you use the USB cable that comes in the box. But if you’re like us and sometimes sit down for a long, full day of gaming on your PS5 over the weekend, you can run out of battery power before the day is over.


This is where having a charging station and a second controller come in handy. If you can swing getting those extras.

PlayStation DualSense Charging Station

Best PS5 DualSense Charging Stations

We’re kicking things off with the official DualSense Charging Station that comes from Sony. Because, well it’s not just one of the best DualSense Charging Stations, it’s probably the best and it’s also the most minimal. It’s slim, matches the color scheme of the console, and of course it charges two controllers at once.


There’s also only one visible logo on it. While logos aren’t really a bad thing, they can add unnecessary flash or additional things to draw attention. And no one wants that. Sony’s PlayStation logo is situated neatly on the top of the charging station.

Where the controllers sit. So it’s never user-facing which means it will only ever be visible when you’re standing over it either picking up or putting down one of your controllers.

Because it’s slim, it’s also much more likely to fit better in most people’s set ups. Seeing as it won’t take up as much space compared to other options. Lastly, since it’s made by Sony and is an official accessory, it will probably have better support and warranty coverage if ever needed.


NexiGo Dobe Upgraded PS5 Controller Charger

Best PS5 DualSense Charging Stations 1

  • Price: $22.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon

Next up is one that keeps popping up on Amazon and seems to have some pretty decent ratings. The NexiGo Dobe Upgraded Controller Charger will charge two DualSense controllers at the same time. Just like the Sony model.

And, just like the Sony model, it doesn’t appear to have branding on the front or the sides. So it can just sit there and blend in to your setup. Plus, it has an LED indicator light to let you know that it’s charging.


The light will match the orange color on the controller and when the charging is done the light simply turns off. So you know when your controllers are ready to use. As an added bonus, the company claims that it charges faster than others. The stand can also be plugged in using two different methods. One that takes up the two ports in front of the console. And one that plugs into a standard AC plug.

It might not be the one straight from Sony, but it is widely available and you can have one delivered within a day. With Sony you never know when they’ll come back in stock. It’s also a bit cheaper than Sony’s retail price, and a lot cheaper than what’s being offered by scalpers.

OIVO PS5 Dual Controller Charger

Best PS5 DualSense Charging Stations 4

  • Price: $22.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon

Another decent option is this one from OIVO. It charges two controllers at the same time and is mostly slim so it should fit easily in the same spots that others do.

Where this one differs a little bit is the light indicators. Instead of just a small LED light or an LED strip, this one has two little controller icons on the front of it. They look like the DualSense controller and when both controllers are charged up, the icons appear blue.

When one is charging still, the icon appears red. So you get a nice visual indication that the controller isn’t ready and needs more time to charge. If you like the idea of having this sort of visual charging indication as opposed to simple lights, this one is pretty inexpensive.


There are also two light strips along the sides that the company says is for “atmosphere.” So if you want to add a little more PS5 ambience, there you go.

Charger For PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller

Best PS5 DualSense Charging Stations 3

  • Price: $8.76
  • Where To Buy: Amazon

Maybe you don’t want a second controller and you still want a charging station. If that’s the case then this option is for you since it only charges one controller. Because of that it takes up less space and it also costs less money.

It’s a fairly basic charging station. it comes in all black and it doesn’t appear to have any LED indicator lights on it whatsoever. But the controller still shows when it’s charging using its light strip that surrounds the touch pad. So you’ll still know when the charging is done anyways.

One thing to consider is that this charging station charges the DualSense controller upside down using the USB-C port you plug the cable into. Whereas the others use the bottom connection where the headset port is. If that doesn’t bother you, then under $9 for a charging station isn’t a bad deal.

NexiGo PS5 DualSense Controller Charging Battery Pack

Best PS5 DualSense Charging Stations 2

  • Price: $17.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon

This last option isn’t a charging station, but it serves the same purpose. And in some cases it’s better because it allows you to continue playing wirelessly while the controller charges up.

As a battery pack, you’ll plug this into the USB-C port on the top of the controller. It has LED indicator lights on the back of it, as well as an additional port on the top of it for plugging this in while it’s connected to the DualSense. So you never have to actually remove the battery pack as you can charge it and the DualSense controller at the same time.

With it at full charge, you get up to an additional 10 hours of active play time before both the battery in it and the controller are dead. Considering the DualSense lasts about the same amount, you’d likely never run out of battery life. Unless you plan to play actively for more than 20 hours straight.