The Best PlayStation Plus Deals – Updated May 2022

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PlayStation Plus is already one heck of a deal at $60 per year. That works out to about $5 per month, and that’s about half of what you pay for Netflix every month. But what if you could get it even cheaper? You can almost always get it much cheaper than $60. Most of the time, you can get it for around $30-$50. Which makes PlayStation Plus even more impressive.

In this post we are sharing the best deals on PlayStation Plus. So you won’t need to worry about Sony automatically renewing your subscription and paying the full price.

What is PlayStation Plus & why do I need it?

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service for the PlayStation consoles – started with the PS3 and now supports PS4 and PS5. It allows you to play games online with your friends and other people. But perhaps its most impressive feature is the fact that you can get two free games every single month from PlayStation Plus. Considering the regular cost of PlayStation Plus is about the same cost as a game, that is rather impressive.


For those of you with the PS5, PlayStation Plus is even more worth the money. You see once you get your hands on a PS5, and you have PlayStation Plus, you get access to nearly 50 games. All included in PlayStation Plus. It’s called the PS+ Collection. And these are really great games. Not just some indie games you’ve likely never heard of before. Which makes PlayStation Plus almost a requirement for the PS5. Especially if you opted for the cheaper digital edition.

If you can grab a year of PlayStation Plus for under $40, it’s an absolute steal, considering all of the benefits you get from it. Below, you’ll find the best prices on PlayStation Plus as of right now, so you can take advantage of these deals and get the most out of your PlayStation console.

PlayStation Plus - Eneba
PlayStation Plus - Eneba - $44.38
PlayStation Plus 1-Year (CDKeys)
PlayStation Plus 1-Year (CDKeys) - $48.09
PlayStation Plus 1-year (Gamer's Gate)
PlayStation Plus 1-year (Gamer's Gate) - $59.99
PlayStation Plus 1-year (Amazon)
PlayStation Plus 1-year (Amazon) - $55.99
PlayStation Plus 1-year (Best Buy)
PlayStation Plus 1-year (Best Buy) - $59.99