Best Samsung gaming monitors

Best Samsung Gaming Monitors

Samsung makes some of the best gaming monitors on the planet, and although they’re not the only good option, it’s hard to argue that they’re not one of the top contenders and worth your consideration and money.

Many Samsung monitors designed for gaming come with advanced features. Aimed at enhancing the gaming experience in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s the use of HDMI 2.1 ports and variable refresh rate, or other elements like 4K or dual 4K Mini-LED panels and high refresh rates.

While not all Samsung gaming monitors will feature these specs, most of them have something to offer.  But which Samsung gaming monitors are the best ones and if you’re set on Samsung, which ones should you go for? We’ve rounded up the best models that Samsung makes to help you narrow down your choices.

These cover a wide range of prices and features. So there should be something for just about every budget.


Best Samsung gaming monitors


Monitor Price Where to buy
Odyssey Neo G7 43″ $699.99 Best Buy
Odyssey G51C 32″ $299.99 Best Buy
Odyssey Ark $1,999.99 Best Buy
Odyssey Neo G9 $1,799.99 Best Buy
Odyssey G5 34″ $399.99 Best Buy
Odyssey G3 24″ $169.99 Best Buy
Odyssey G40B 27″ $279.99 Best Buy
Odyssey G9 $1,099.99 Samsung

Odyssey Neo G7 43″

Samsung 43 inch Odyssey Neo G7

Price: $699.99

Where to buy: Best Buy


We’re going to kick things off with what we think is not just one of the best gaming monitors that Samsung makes, but the best gaming monitor that Samsung makes. The Odyssey Neo G7 43″. Why do we think it’s the best model the company offers? Well for a few reasons. It’s a 43-inch Mini-LED panel with 4K resolution, a 1ms response time, and a 144Hz refresh rate.

Now it’s not the fastest refresh rate. And if you desire a refresh rate that’s faster, there are other options on here. But, if you’re fine with the 144Hz, you get a lot of other bonuses with this model. Like the 16:9 aspect ratio and 2 HDMI 2.1 ports as well as a DisplayPort 1.4 port. The aspect ratio and the ports makes this a perfect gaming monitor for someone who owns both a gaming PC and a console like the PS5 or Xbox Series X. Both of which benefit from the HDMI 2.1.

And the aspect ratio means when you’re using the console, the picture will fill the entire screen. No black bars on the sides like with ultrawide monitors. However, the monitor does support changing to an ultrawide gaming view with a 21:9 aspect ratio if you want it. Which is honestly great for PC gaming. It’s also a matte display so, little to no glare. Lastly, it’s available at a pretty good price. Normally it’s $999.99, but Best Buy is offering it at $300 off. Which makes this a steal.


Odyssey G51C 32″

Odyssey G51C 32

Price: $299.99

Where to buy: Best Buy

Looking for something a little more on the budget end? The Odyssey G51C 32″ is just about there at its $299.99 price point. For that you get a QHD display in a 32-inch size, a 165Hz refresh rate and compatibility with AMD FreeSync Premium.


It also comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio so again this monitor will be good for both PC and console use. However, it does only come with HDMI 2.0 ports, so you won’t get the benefits of HDMI 2.1 like the Neo G7 43″ offers. But honestly that’s not a huge deal for console use.

When it comes down to it this is a really decent monitor for around $300. You don’t have to break the bank to get something good for gaming.

Odyssey Ark

Samsung Odyssey Ark Gaming Monitor 2


Price: $1,999.99

Where to buy: Best Buy

Next up is the Odyssey Ark. This is the big boy and the most expensive monitor on this list. And while it is cool, it’s not the most practical. If you have the money and are wanting to spend top dollar for a premium gaming monitor, then consider the Ark.

It’s a 55-inch dual 4K panel with a 165Hz refresh rate, quantum Mini-LED technology for the panel, and a 1000R curve for that super immersive feel to your games.


There’s a lot of really cool and nifty features in this thing. Like the Cockpit Mode that allows you to turn the screen vertical and play games in this orientation. While in this mode, you can split up the screen into multiple smaller size displays. So you could have your game that you’re playing on a display in the middle, and have other displays on top and bottom. Like a YouTube video walkthrough if you’re searching for tips and perhaps a movie on the other display.

Other neat features include the Ark dial remote and of course again, it has a 16:9 aspect ratio so great for both consoles and PC. Plus the ports are HDMI 2.1. All that being said, it’s pricey. An excellent choice if you have the money to spend though and don’t mind spending it.

Odyssey Ark

Odyssey Neo G9

Odyssey Neo G9 Lifestyle 1

Price: $1,799.99

Where to buy: Best Buy

Another really great gaming monitor if you’re looking to spend more money is the Odyssey Neo G9. This is not the model that Samsung announced at CES with a dual 4K display. But rather the older model from 2021. It has a 49-inch ultrawide panel with a 4K resolution.

It does also come with a 240Hz refresh rate. The thing to keep in mind here is that you will need a pretty beefy PC if you want to run games at the 4K resolution with a refresh rate that high. Otherwise you may need to look at decreasing your graphics in games or dealing with a lower refresh rate. This is really no different from the way it works with other monitors. But it is more noticeable here because of the size of the monitor.

All that aside, if you’ve got the PC to get the most out of it, the Odyssey Neo G9 makes games look stunning. This monitor is also on sale and down from its original price of $2,299.99.

Odyssey Neo G9

Odyssey G5 34″

Samsung Odyssey G5 Prime Day

Price: $399.99

Where to buy: Best Buy

If you’re looking for something ultrawide but don’t feel like spending $1,800, the Odyssey G5 34″ is a great ultrawide monitor for a fraction of the price. Resolution goes down to QHD from 4K and the refresh rate goes down to 165Hz from 240Hz. But those are still respectable and really the monitor is pretty good for games.

This is also a curved monitor so you get some of that immersive feel to your games. It does come with a pretty terrible stand, but the display is great. So if you go for this model, we’d suggest you mount it. The only other complaint I we had with this one is that the brightness could be higher. Other than those two things, it’s great. Especially for $400.

Odyssey G3 24″

Odyssey G3 24

Price: $169.99

Where to buy: Best Buy

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, or anything fancy. You just want a decent option that will work well and get the job done. Enter Samsung’s Odyssey G3 24″ gaming monitor. A smaller 24-inch panel means it’ll fit in a more compact space making it perfect for smaller desks.

Resolution is only Full HD but the monitor does come with a 165Hz refresh rate. And really, Full HD looks perfectly fine for most games. In fact, in our opinion a better refresh rate is more important than a high resolution. It’s great when you can have both. But if you have to choose, and you often do when you get into budget monitors, refresh rate takes the cake every time.

The monitor also features support for AMD FreeSync Premium and has a port for both HDMI and DisplayPort. So you could plug in a PC and a console if you have both.

Odyssey G40B 27″

Odyssey G40B 27

Price: $279.99

Where to buy: Best Buy

Another really decent budget option is the Odyssey G40B. This ups the screen size to 27-inches while keeping the resolution at Full HD and bumping the refresh rate up to 240Hz. If you want a faster refresh rate but don’t want to spend a lot, you can’t go wrong here.

It has native G-Sync support and support for AMD FreeSync Premium, and it features a wide viewing angle with a 21:9 aspect ratio, so you see more on-screen in your PC games.

Odyssey G9

Samsung Odyssey G9 Black Friday

Price: $1,099.99

Where to buy: Samsung

Rounding out our list is the older Odyssey G9. There’s a lot to still love about this one, not the least of which is that it’s $700 cheaper than the Neo G9. But with this model you also get the same size 49-inch panel, the same 240Hz refresh rate, and the panel is DQHD.

One of the key differences is that this model is HDR1000 while the Odyssey Neo G9 is HDR2000. This model is also QLED as opposed to Mini-LED like the Neo G9. But overall you’ll get a pretty similar experience. And at a much lower cost.

Odyssey G9