Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Bands – Updated December, 2021

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 88

The Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung is now official, and that means you’re gonna need some stylish bands to go along with it, so we’ve rounded up the best ones we could find to compliment your new timepiece.

When it comes to smartwatches, and just watches in general, having a choice in what band to wear lends itself well to any occasion. So you can have something more sporty and rubberized for your trips to the gym, and then something more akin to leather or other high-quality materials for work, a night out or just your standard day-to-day.

Whatever your styles or tastes, there’s something out there for you. To save you the time and trouble of crawling the internet, you’ll find all the best Galaxy Watch 4 bands in a table below. Complete with prices, and links to buy them. You’ll also find more detailed descriptions of each one below the table with links included there as well.


Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Bands

ProductCostWhere To Buy
Samsung Extreme Sport Band for Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic$39.99Samsung
Samsung Ridge-Sport Band for Galaxy Watch & Watch 4 Classic$39.99Samsung
Samsung Classic Sport Band for Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic$39.99Samsung
Samsung Hybrid Leather Band for Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic$49.99Samsung
Spigen Retro Fit band$18.99Amazon, Newegg
Powerhill Genuine Leather Cuff Band$19.88Amazon
Archer Nylon Watch Strap$17.99Amazon
Barton Quick Release Top Grain Leather BandFrom $26Amazon, Walmart
Crown & Buckle Chevron Adjustable Strap$32Crown & Buckle
Wristology Metal Mesh Watch Band$24.99Amazon

Samsung Extreme Sport Band

Samsung Extreme Sport Band

We’re starting this list off with one of the band options that comes straight from the source. Samsung. The Extreme Sport band has that undeniable sporty look to it and it comes in three fun colors. There’s white/black, black/red, and pink/white options.

So these bands are two-toned and they’re made of a soft silicone material that shouldn’t be uncomfortable during exercise. You can get the watch bands in both small/medium and medium/large sizes as well. For reference, the small/medium should be 20mm and the medium/large should be 22mm.


While you’ll have the option to get this band when you buy the watch, you can also buy it separately if you chose one of the other options. Which we also put on this list.

If you want to stick to the sporty looks, then this might be your best bet since it comes straight from Samsung and was designed specifically for the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

Samsung Ridge-Sport Band

Samsung Ridge Sport Band


The next band on the list also comes directly from Samsung and as the name suggests, this one comes with ridge along the edge of the band. Which almost gives it a more modern look. It also looks a little bit cooler, although it doesn’t have the two-toned design like the Extreme Sport band does. It does however come in more colors.

So that’s something worth considering. Another thing to highlight is that certain colors are only available in one size or the other. For example, the Green band (pictured above) is only available in the medium/large. As it’s meant for the larger sized versions of the Galaxy Watch 4.

Since this is a sport band though, it’s still made of a silicone material that should be soft and comfortable on your wrist during exercise. Making it resistant to sweat and easy to wear with just about anything.


Samsung Classic Sport Band

Samsung Classic Sport Band

The last sport band from Samsung is the Classic Sport Band, which is a simple, flat silicone strap that comes in a variety of colors. In total you can pick up the strap in 9 different color options. And unlike the Ridge-Sport Band, the Classic lets you pick any of those 9 colors in either the small/medium or medium/large sizes.

So you have way more options for personalization here than you do with the other two band types. All colors include black, white, silver, green, blue, red, pink, olive, and mustard.


If you like choices and you love colors, then this is the band to go for if you grab one from Samsung. It’s also the same cost as the other two sport types, so you aren’t paying more for it.

Samsung Hybrid Leather Band

Samsung Hybrid Leather Band

Wrapping up the Samsung options is what some would consider the most luxurious, the Hybrid Leather Band. While it’s not 100% genuine leather, it has the look and mostly the feel of leather. And ultimately that might be what you’re going for.


Stitching can be found along the edge of the band on both sides, with a variety of color options to boot. In fact it comes in almost all the same colors as the Classic Sport Band so if you liked those colors but wanted something that looks a little nicer, this one is it. The one difference is that Samsung has swapped out the olive color for camel, which looks like a simple brown leather band.

As this is a hybrid leather, it won’t potentially alter if its gets too wet. So that’s probably a plus too.

Spigen Retro Fit Band

Spigen Retro Fit Band


Searching for something with more of a classic, timeless design? Spigen has your back with the Retro Fit band, which is made of synthetic leather and comes in two color options. Black and brown.

The nice thing about this band is that on the inside of the strap it’s made of a silicone base so it’s more resistant to sweat buildup. And the holes in the band provide a little more breathability so there should be less sweat buildup from that as well.

The end result is a band for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic that looks great and has some functional use to it. And like the rest of the bands on this list, it has a quick release design so putting it on and taking it off the watch should be super easy and take just a few seconds.

There’s not as much color variety here, but if you prefer more of a classic look, then this is definitely one of the best Galaxy Watch 4 bands you can find.

Powerhill Genuine Leather Cuff Band

Powerhill Genuine Leather Cuff Band


  • Price: From $19.88
  • Where To Buy: Amazon

Cuff bands are great and add a little more style to your watch if you like that vintage look. This one only comes in this one color though, so you won’t have a choice when it comes to picking a color. Having said that, there are other brands that offer other color options. Just make sure they have a 20mm width so they’ll fit the Galaxy Watch 4.

As with the other bands this one is a quick release so it’s easy to put on and it doesn’t take a whole lot of time. Making it simple to switch between this and a different band if you have different bands for different occasions. There is a hole for the heart rate sensor on the back of the band so you can still use that feature. It also has a thick stainless steel buckle for more durability.

Archer Nylon Watch Strap

Archer Nylon Quick Release Strap

  • Price: $17.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon

Nylon straps are some of the best options for watches if you like something that will last a long time and go with pretty much anything. Nylon is also easy to make in a ton of different colors. So you have a decent set of options for this particular strap in that department.

And, it is nylon so it’s also fairly inexpensive. As you can pick up this strap for $18. Not bad considering some of the prices for bands made of high-end materials like leather.

Simple, rugged, comfortable, and colorful. What more could you want from a watch strap?

Barton Top Grain Leather Band

Barton Top Grain Leather Band

If leather is your thing, then be sure to check out all of the options from Barton in the top grain leather collection. And be sure to select the 20mm size option if you want it to fit the Galaxy Watch 4.

The beauty of this leather band compared to some others is that it’s real top grain leather, and it comes in so many colors you might have trouble narrowing it down to one you like the best. Because there are so many good color options to choose from.

This is also a quick release band so it’s easy to put on and take off the watch case. It uses a stainless steel buckle as well for added durability.

Crown & Buckle Chevron Adjustable Strap

Crown Buckle Chevron Adjustable Strap

If you want some truly unique and super high-quality, then consider the Chevron Adjustable Strap from Crown & Buckle. You can get this particular strap in a 20mm size so it fits the watch, and it’s a sort of cross between a NATO strap and a Perlon strap.

The color pictured above is called Shadow, which we think is quite sleek. But there are loads of other color options available if you aren’t fond of this one. 30 colors in total. Though, it is worth mentioning that some of the colors are on sale, which probably means they won’t be available for long.

So if you like this strap, don’t wait too long to check it out, lest you miss your chance to get the color you like most.

Wristology Metal Mesh Band

Wristology Metal Mesh Galaxy Watch 4 Band


  • Price: $24.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon

Rounding out this list is the ever-stylish metal mesh band, with this one being from a brand called Wristology. The brand makes a ton of different stylish yet simplistic looking watch bands, but they make watches too! And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have that same style for your Galaxy Watch 4.

Since this is made of stainless steel it looks a little bit more upscale and is perfect for work wear or for a night out. And because it’s stainless steel mesh, the band isn’t big and bulky and therefore it’s not as heavy. So your wrist won’t feel weighted down when wearing it. Especially if you’re wearing it for long periods of time. This is definitely one of the best bands for the Galaxy Watch 4 you’ll find.