Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cases – Updated June 2022

galaxy s22 ultra cases

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is finally official. It’s kind of like a merging of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the Galaxy S21 Ultra, into one device. This is quite impressive, and great news for Note fans. As you can still get the embedded S Pen on a new flagship smartphone.

But, you’re still going to want to protect your Galaxy S22 Ultra, so we have gathered the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cases

In this list, you’ll find both first and third-party cases. These cases range from under $10 to almost $100. So there’s something for everyone, at every budget. So without further ado, here’s out list of the best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases.

CostWhere to Buy
Samsung Leather Cover$49Samsung
Samsung Smart Clear View Cover$49Samsung
Nillkin CamShield Pro Case$17Amazon
YHMHOG Bumper Case Cover$8Amazon
Dionsibei Rugged  Case$11Amazon
VAKS Liquid Silicon Case$11Amazon
DiMiK Slim Fit Case$10Amazon
GRKJGytech Silicon Cover$16Amazon

Samsung Leather Cover

EF VS908 001 Front Burgundy RGB 1600x1200

Protect your smartphone in style with Samsung’s Leather Case option for the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The Leather Cover is available in two colors: black and brown. These cases look really good, and do add some bulk to your Galaxy S22, so think about that before you purchase. But after months of use, the leather is going to look incredible, once it has weathered.


It’s a great looking case that will look even better over time.

Samsung Leather Cover - Samsung.com

Samsung S-View Flip Cover

EF ZS908 001 Front Burgundy RGB


New this year is the S-View Flip Cover from Samsung. It looks to replace the LED Cover this year, and instead gives you the same information in the upper-right hand corner. This makes it look a lot like the Cover Screen on the Galaxy Z Flip 3. If you liked the LED Cover, then this is going to be a good option for you.

This is a flip case, so it won’t be great for everyone. But on the flip side – pun intended – this should allow you to flip the cover to the back and not cover the cameras. Which is a nice change.

Samsung S-View Flip Cover - Samsung.com


Nillkin CamShield Pro Case

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This case from Nillkin is a rather interesting one. It’s covered in a carbon fiber looking back, which looks really nice and will add some texture. Allowing you to hold onto your phone a bit more. It also has a reinforced frame. This is important because phones normally land on the sides or corners when they are dropped.

Finally, it has a sliding cover that goes over the cameras. This is a really interesting option, and not something we’ve seen before in a case – especially not one that is under $20. So if you want to protect those cameras, this is the case to get.


Nillkin CamShield Pro Case | Amazon

YHMHOG Bumper Case Cover

61uyzsGvgL AC SL1500

This is actually a really nice looking clear case for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It claims to have 12X anti-yellowing, so you won’t need to worry about this one changing colors. That’s a big issue with clear cases for other phones, actually.


It is also a military-grade case, for drops. So you can drop this one and not worry about it breaking at all. As you can see in the picture above, it has reinforced sides and corners. Which is typically the impact point for phones when they are dropped.

YHMHOG Bumper Case Cover | Amazon

Dionsibei Rugged  Case

71Hck3LzlIL AC SL1500


This is an inexpensive rugged case, which is why it made our list of the best Galaxy S22 Ultra cases. It has military-grade drop protection and even has a metal rotating ring on the back. Which can be used to hold onto your smartphone, or as a kickstand.

The case is thicker than the camera bumps, so it won’t rock when it is laying on a table and being used. If you need a rugged case, but don’t want to spend a ton, this is the one to get.

Dionsibei Rugged  Case | Amazon

VAKS Liquid Silicon Case

best galaxy s22 ultra cases

For those that just want a case for your phone, to protect it and make it easier to hold onto, this is the one. It’s not a super thick case, but it does its job.

It’s a shockproof and anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch case for your Galaxy S22 Ultra. So it’s going to keep your phone and your case looking really nice. It’s available in black and pink – kind of odd colors, to be quite honest.

VAKS Liquid Silicon Case | Amazon

DiMiK Slim Fit Case

best galaxy s22 ultra cases

Those that are fans of slim cases, this is for you. This is a slim-fit case, with a matte finish. So it’s nothing fancy, but it does get the job done here.

It has a matte TPU finish, which keeps it looking nice, while also protecting the phone which is super important of course. It has a raised edge around the camera module as well as around the screen. So both will be plenty protected.

DiMiK Slim Fit Case | Amazon

GRKJGytech Silicon Cover

best galaxy s22 ultra cases

Here’s another clear case for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and this one has a ring on the back. Making it easier to hold onto your Galaxy S22 Ultra. That is important since this is such a large smartphone. It does have a raised lip around the camera module and the screen, like some other cases. So it’ll work well to keep them nice and protected.

What’s interesting here is that the ring is fully metal. So you can place it on your magnetic car mount with ease. And not need to install a magnet inside your case, like you would normally need to do.

GRKJGytech Silicon Cover | Amazon

Samsung Silicone Cover

EF PS908 001 Front Fresh Lavender RGB

This is basically, the Silicone version of the Leather cover. It comes in at about half the price of the Leather Cover, but still provides a great look for your Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It does come in a number of colors, including Black, Fresh Lavender, Olive Green, and Burgundy.

Samsung Silicone Cover - Samsung.com