Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases – Updated June 2021

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The all-new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is now up for pre-order. So after you’ve gotten your pre-order in, you’ll want to pick up a case or two for your brand new smartphone. And we’re here to help.

You’re going to want to protect that big beautiful display on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and a case will help you with that. Additionally, this year, there are new S Pen cases for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, since the device does support the S Pen.

So without further ado, here are the best cases for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.


Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases

On this list, you’ll find many first-party cases from Samsung for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. These are great because they usually add in more features, and fit the phone a bit better. Even though they are usually a bit more expensive. You’ll also find cases from other manufacturers like Spigen and Otterbox. Which offer some really great options.

Either way, there is something for everyone on this list.


Product nameCostWhere to buy
Samsung Silicone Cover with S-Pen$69.99Samsung.com
Samsung S-View Cover with S-Pen$89.99Samsung.com
Spigen Tough Armor$14.99Amazon
ESR Clear Case$9.99Amazon
Totallee Clear Case$39.99Amazon
Samsung Cover$49.99Samsung.com
Samsung Silicone Cover$29.99Samsung.com
Spigen Ultra Hybrid S$13.99Amazon
Ringke Onyx$10.99Amazon

Samsung Silicone Cover with S-Pen

EF PG99P 001 Front Black 1600x1200

This Silicone Cover from Samsung is like virtually every Silicone Cover it has released in recent years. Except, it has a silo available for the S Pen to be stores. So you can take the S pen with you. It also includes the S Pen, hence the higher price tag here.

This year, the Silicone Cover only comes in black, which may be a bit surprising to some people. But it will fit the toned down colors of the Galaxy S21 Ultra quite nicely.


Samsung Silicone Cover with S-Pen - Samsung.com

Samsung S-View Cover with S-Pen

Gallery EF ZG99P 001 Front Black 1600x1200 1

This is the other option for a case that has a silo available for the S Pen. The Samsung S-View Cover with S Pen, which has been a pretty popular case for the last five or so years.


It essentially has a cover for the front of the phone, but there is also a window along the right side, which will show you the date, time, weather and some notifications. So you can see what’s happening without actually unlocking your phone or opening the case. This is one of the features that you will only get with first-party cases.

Samsung S-View Cover with S-Pen - Samsung.com

Spigen Tough Armor

61HBcWK35VL AC SL1000


The Spigen Tough Armor is another one of those cases that is pretty popular and a good option for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

This is a somewhat rugged case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which will provide plenty of protection for your new smartphone. It is a dual-layer case which has a soft inner layer and a hard shell that will absorb impact. It also happens to be one of the cheapest cases on this list.

Spigen Tough Armor  - Amazon


ESR Clear Case

71NZlIpZOcL AC SL1500

Those that are fans of clear cases are going to love this case from ESR. This is a clear TPU case. So it’s not super thick either, making for a really great option for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, since it is already a fairly large smartphone.

But on the flip side, don’t expect the ESR Clear Case to offer a whole lot of protection for your smartphone. Since it is pretty thin, with a fairly small lip over the display.


ESR Clear Case - Amazon

Totallee Clear Case

710bLDDQCwL AC SL1500

The Totallee Clear Case is one of my favorite cases on any smartphone. Not so much because it’s clear, but because of how thin it is. This is the thinnest case you can get for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. That means protection is at a minimum, but it does make it easier to hold onto, and it doesn’t make the phone bulky.

That’s important since the Galaxy S21 Ultra is already a fairly large smartphone.

Totallee Clear Case - Amazon

Samsung Leather Cover

cases galaxy s21 ultra

Protect your smartphone in style with Samsung’s Leather Case option for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The Leather Cover is available in two colors: black and brown. These cases look really good, and do add some bulk to your Galaxy S21 Ultra, so think about that before you purchase. But after months of use, the leather is going to look incredible, once it has weathered.

This case does not have a silo available for the S Pen, unfortunately.

Samsung Leather Cover - Samsung.com

Samsung Silicone Cover

cases galaxy s21 ultra

This Silicone Cover is the same as the one listed earlier on this list, except, this does not have a S Pen. That explains why it is about $40 cheaper than the other option here.

This one comes in more colors though. Including Violet, Pink, Gray and Black. The colors that the Galaxy S21 series is available in. So it can really match up with your smartphone. Which is pretty neat.

Samsung Silicon Cover - Samsung.com

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

cases galaxy s21 ultra

This is another crowd-favorite case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s a clear case from Spigen, which is really great looking. But it also has a kickstand included. Which is really great for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, since it does have that 6.8-inch Quad HD+ AMOLED display, which looks absolutely stunning.

This clear case does have a bit more protection than the others on this list. Since the edges and sides are reinforced.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S - Amazon

Ringke Onyx

cases galaxy s21 ultra

The Ringke Onyx is a really great looking case from Ringke, that does a really great job of protecting your smartphone, as well as keeping it looking stylish.

It even has a similar finish to the “naked” Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is really cool.

Ringke Onyx - Amazon