Best Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Cases – November 2022

Galaxy A53 5G Cover 2

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is one of the most popular mid-range smartphones on the market today. It brings in a lot of the same features as the Galaxy S22 series, but at a much cheaper price point. The Galaxy A53 5G is a $450 smartphone – though it is usually on sale for $350. Despite being cheaper, you’re still going to want to protect it. So we have rounded up the best Galaxy A53 5G cases that you can buy.

Best Samsung Galaxy A53 5G cases

This list of cases include third-party as well as first-party cases from Samsung. They range from around $10, to over $40. So none of them are really that expensive, but all offer something different for the Galaxy A53 5G.

CostWhere to Buy
Samsung Silicon Cover$29Samsung.com
Spigen Tough Armor$16Amazon
Samsung Protective Standing Cover$29Samsung.com
Poetic Neon Case$17Amazon
Samsung S-View Wallet Cover$39Samsung.com
Spigen Liquid Air$14Amazon
Crave Dual Guard$15Amazon
Goton Protective Cover$16Amazon
Samsung Soft Clear Cover$15Samsung.com
Oterkin Protective Case$15Amazon

Samsung Silicon Cover

Gallery Images EF PA536 001 Back Black RGB


This is a pretty simple, and somewhat boring case for the Galaxy A53 5G. It’s just a silicon case from Samsung. But since it’s a first party case, it does cover the camera bump around the cameras. Instead of just leaving out the camera bump entirely unprotected. So there’s that.

Samsung offers the Silicon Case in three colors: Black, Arctic Blue and Peach.

Samsung Silicon Cover - Samsung


Spigen Tough Armor

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  • Price: $15.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

The Spigen Tough Armor is one of our go-to cases for basically any smartphone, and it’s here for the Galaxy A53 5G. It’s a thicker case, but it can take a bit more of a beating than most cases. It has an all-new foam technology that adds an extra layer of shock resistance.

It also has a built-in kickstand on the back. So you can prop up your Galaxy A53 5G and watch content on YouTube, Netflix or really anywhere else.


Spigen Tough Armor - Amazon

Samsung Protective Standing Cover

Gallery Images EF RA536 001 Back Navy RGB

The Samsung Protective Standing Cover is a big competitor to the Spigen Tough Armor above, but about twice the price. Now this is a first party case, made by Samsung, so you know everything is going to work great here.


Samsung has also included a kickstand on the back, but it is in the center instead of in a corner. That likely adds more stability for the phone.

Samsung Protective Standing Cover - Samsung

Poetic Neon Case

81QfvPUi7L AC SL1500

  • Price: $16.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

This is actually the first time we’ve put the Poetic Neon case on any top 10 list here, but this is a pretty cool option for those that are clumsy. Or maybe those that work in construction. It’s a super rugged case, that does look cool. It has a nice neon outline around the back too.

This case is rated for a 6-foot drop, using the military-grade rating system. So you can drop your Galaxy A53 5G and not worry about it breaking.

Poetic Neon Case - Amazon


Samsung S-View Wallet Cover

Gallery Images EF EA536 001 Front Black RGB

The Samsung S-View Wallet Cover is almost like a relic from the past. But basically, it’s a cover that covers only part of your screen. This is so that you can pull out your phone and see the time, date, and whatever notifications you have.

It’s a flip case, that also has slots for your cards. So you’ll no longer need to carry an actual wallet.


Samsung S-View Wallet Cover - Samsung

Spigen Liquid Air

710ff6nEvwL AC SL1200

  • Price: $13.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

The Spigen Liquid Air is another one that we’ve put on our list plenty of times here. And it’s back again, because it truly is a really great case.

The Liquid Air from Spigen is great because it is so lightweight and thin. But it can still protect your phone. It also has a triangle pattern on the back, which makes it easier to hold onto. It’s a matte black color, so it can pick up fingerprints quite a bit too.

Spigen Liquid Air - Amazon

Crave Dual Guard

81 BG8xcbpL AC SL1500

  • Price: $14.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

The Crave Dual Guard case for the Galaxy A53 5G is a really good looking case actually. And it comes in a ton of different colors. Making it really playful for a phone like the A53.

It’s called the “Dual Guard” because it is a dual-layer case. Providing tons of protection, but also making the phone thicker. It also has a unique pattern on the back that helps you hold onto the phone.

Crave Dual Guard - Amazon

Samsung Soft Clear Cover

Gallery Images EF QA536 001 Back Black RGB

Clear cases are pretty popular, and Samsung has one available for the Galaxy A53 5G as well. This one is just $15, which makes it pretty cheap for a clear case.

While this is a clear case, Samsung does offer it in two colors. You can get it in a fully clear case, or in black. The black one offers up a slight tint to the case, making it look rather unique.

Samsung Soft Clear Cover - Samsung

Oterkin Protective Case

71faIlJO86L AC SL1500

  • Price: $14.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon

The Oterkin Protective Case is probably the best value on this list of the best cases for the Galaxy A53 5G. And that is because it has a ring on the back to make it easier to hold onto your Galaxy A53 5G, and it also comes with a tempered glass screen protector. So you can protect that screen with ease.

The case itself is pretty rugged, it’s a military grade shockproof case. And it comes in a bunch of colors too.

Oterkin Protective Case - Amazon