Top 10 Best PS4 Games – September 2020

Best PS4 Games

When it comes to a list of PS4 games there are an insanely high number of options now that we’re headed into the PS5 generation soon, but what are the best PS4 games out there right now?

If you’re looking to dive head first into the PS4 and its endless list of game titles, these are the best PS4 games currently available that you may want to consider playing. Maybe you’ve never had a PS4 or you’re just deciding to go through backlog of games you never got around to picking up.

And Since it’ll still be at least a couple of months before we can expect the PS5 to launch, we figured it would be a good idea to list all the best games for the current generation PlayStation until the PS5 so you don’t miss out on the experience.


The good news too is that Sony and Amazon are always having sales. So there is a good chance that you may snag a game you want off this list at a really good deal. That being said, though these are our picks for the best PS4 games, this list is also subjective.

Our picks may not be everyone’s picks. But every game on this list is a good one and has been highly rated and regarded well by players and/or critics. So they’re at least worth a look.

Also worth noting is that the list for excellent PS4 games that we consider must-play titles is massive. So this list will change monthly with some titles being swapped out to highlight other must-play titles.


Top 10 Best PS4 Games – summary

Below is a brief list of the games we’ve set as our top picks this month. If you’re in a rush and just want to get to gaming as fast as possible, you can see all our picks below with buy links for both physical and digital copies.

If you’re curious to know a little bit more about each pick, you can read below the summary table to check out each game individually, where there will be trailers for each game alongside a small description as well as buy links for both physical and digital copies.

Editor’s Note in regards to prices: Most or all of the games on this list are on sale either from Amazon or Sony. Sony in particular is having a sale on PSN right now for digital copies, but many of those games are only on sale for a limited time.



Game TitlePurchase CostWhere To Buy
Spider-ManFrom $19.99Amazon | PlayStation Store
Final Fantasy VII RemakeFrom $59.99Amazon | PlayStation Store
God Of WarFrom $14.99Amazon | PlayStation Store
BloodborneFrom $12.99Amazon | PlayStation Store
JourneyFrom $4.94Amazon | PlayStation Store
Final Fantasy XIV: ShadowbringersFrom $26.54Amazon | PlayStation Store
Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom PainFrom $18.00Amazon | PlayStation Store
Need For SpeedFrom $4.99Amazon | PlayStation Store
The Last Of Us RemasteredFrom $15.00Amazon | PlayStation Store
Ghost of TsushimaFrom $59.99Amazon | PlayStation Store

Best PS4 game for super hero fans


Spider-Man is quite possibly the most iconic Marvel super hero, and that led to an insanely popular release with Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games.

It features a pretty vast and openly explorable New York City, with a unique Spider-Man storyline.


The gameplay is filled with scaling large buildings and traversing the cityscape high above ground level using Spider-Man’s web slinging skills. It also has excellent graphics, great combat, and a massive list of iconic Spider-Man suits to unlock through gameplay.

Definitely don’t miss this one.

Best PS4 game for JRPG fans

Final Fantasy VII Remake

It’s not easy to find a JRPG game more iconic than Final Fantasy VII. The original defined a generation and is one of the most popular JRPGs of all time.


Final Fantasy VII Remake takes the things loved about the original and brings them forward into a new generation with plenty of new stuff. It has completely new gameplay, and entirely different play style, and gorgeous graphics with a slightly more fleshed out story.

Enter into a new experience with Final Fantasy VII that you’ve never had before. Or if you’re a newcomer to this entry in the main franchise, enjoy the wonder and adventure that you’re about to embark on.

Play with a completely new battle system based on real-time action combat, or flop over to a reimagined version of the combat system from the original title where you can take more time with your attacks. This is also an episodic game which will have multiple parts, with the first part offering close to 40 hours of gameplay or more if you do all side quests. No to mention chase down all trophies which will take multiple play throughs.


Best PS4 game for hack and slash action combat

God Of War

God Of War is another iconic series for PlayStation and has been an exclusive franchise to the platform.

Taking the series into a new thematic direction that centers on Norse mythology, God OF War features the same, high-energy hack and slash combat from the previous entries. But with more flare, better graphics, and new weapons and attack abilities (as well as a secret or two for long-time fans).

You can explore much of the terrain around you while also enjoying cinematic-style combat (in some encounters), a pretty robust character progression system, and tons of lore and collectibles.


Of course the best part about the game is the combat. Which is epic to say the least.

Best PS4 game for extremely punishing yet rewarding gameplay


Souls-borne games are known far and wide for their extremely punishing and unforgiving gameplay. And Bloodborne is no different.

While it eventually becomes a little bit easier, it takes quite a bit of practice for newcomers to this genre (I hated myself the first time I picked up a souls-borne game, questioning why I would do this to myself). There will be lots of death for you here. Battles are unrelenting. Enemies take no quarter and constantly seek to do you harm.

But, there is a great story to be told alongside the difficult fights. There are loads of different weapons. Expanded gameplay through DLC expansions. And, some of the most insane bosses you’ll see in any game.

In the end Bloodborne is also all about the combat. Punishing as it may be, it’s rewarding in a way that is almost incomparable. Bloodborne is not for the weak. It will challenge you. But you’ll love it once you get the hang of things.

Best PS4 game for a more casual, relaxing experience


With Bloodborne out of the way, Journey is way on the other side of the spectrum. It’s a very casual and relaxing adventure game that has some really nice art and just overall zen-like gameplay.

It’s best played with headphones if you have them, but still enjoyable if you don’t.

Journey is the kind of game you play when you simply want to kick back and have fun playing a game that doesn’t ask too much of you. It’s free of high-energy combat, vocal dialogue, and is completely focused on the story and adventure.

It’s also the cheapest game on this list which makes it a steal because it’s one of the best games PS4 has to offer.

Best PS4 game for MMO fans

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Another one for Final Fantasy fans, but vastly different from the aforementioned FF VII: Remake. As this is an MMO and an ongoing game that has multiple expansions (with more to come in the future), a vast story to follow, hundreds if not thousands of quests, raids, dungeons, extremely vast character progression across tons of classes and more.

When it comes to games, no game type offers more to do than an MMO. And Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, the game’s latest expansion, is one of the best.

Dive into the world of Norvrandt (and Eorzea before it) and check out two new classes as well as all the old favorites. The game’s A Realm Reborn content which is the first portion of this game, has also been recently overhauled to make things more streamlined so you can get to new content faster.

Best PS4 game for stealth gameplay

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This is the last game in the long-running and iconic Metal Gear franchise, which has been around for decades.

It features a huge open-world with probably the best stealth combat of any game out there, and a fantastic story to follow with engaging characters and some zany additions that could only be expected of Hideo Kojima.

Build up your motherbase, recruit allies and soldiers, take on missions and even engage in multiplayer content with the MP mode. If you’re a fan of Metal Gear, make sure you play this title. If you’ve never played a Metal Gear game before, make sure you play this title.

Best PS4 game for racing

Need For Speed

A grand return to form from day’s past, 2015’s Need For Speed is one of the most fun racing games you’ll ever play from the PS4 generation. And Probably the best Need For Speed game since Need For Speed Underground 2 on the PS2 console.

It has loads of cars from tons of top brands, and a massive customizer that lets you tweak paint jobs, add decals, create decals, change out wheels and more. Hundreds upon hundreds of missions will keep you occupied while you race around the city, building up your rep and your garage of different cars.

The graphics also feature a pretty cool cinematic style that hadn’t been seen much in other racing games. Plus it’s got a pretty cool photo mode you can use to show off your ride, and there’s an online mode to race against other players.

Best PS4 zombie game

The Last Of Us Remastered

The Last Of Us Remastered is one of PS4’s best games since the console’s for numerous reasons, but mainly because it offers up an emotional roller coaster of a story that is easy to empathize with.

It grabs hold of you and never lets go as you come to terms with the zombie apocalypse that’s unfolding around you, causing a societal collapse and ushering in a “new normal” for the game’s characters.

With The Last Of Us Part II having just released earlier this year, definitely pick this up and play it first. You won’t regret it.

Best open-world PS4 game with excellent storytelling

Ghost Of Tsushima


Where to start with Ghost Of Tsushima. The first game from Sucker Punch since Infamous First Light, Ghost Of Tsushima follows the story of Jin Sakai, a samurai on Tsushima island in the late 13th century.

You face the onslaught of the Mongol invasion attempting to make its way to the main island of Japan. And as one of the last surviving samurai on the Japan’s smaller Tsushima island, it’s up to you to rally everyone and help save your people and beat back the invaders.

The story alone is one of the great things about this game. Ghost Of Tsushima excellent story telling, but it also features so much more to love.

Excellent graphics, for one/ There’s also an insanely fun battle system where you can choose to fight more from the shadows with ninja-like abilities such as assassinations and poison-filled charms, or you can choose to fight more with honor like the samurai you are and face your enemies head on.

There are multiple different sword stances to help you adjust to different combat encounters and different enemies too. The world of the game also has tons of things to find and collect from across the island, including story-based items, and vanity items like new armor, hats, and sword kits.

There’s also a pretty cool character progression system. But perhaps the best part about this game is the beautiful world that Sucker Punch has created. Filled with wonders and things to discover, and a photo mode that is so packed with features that it has spawned some of the most gorgeous game screenshots ever.

Do. Not. Miss. This. Game.