Best Power Banks for Android – January 2-23

mophie powerstation pd xl review AM AH 5

These days, smartphone batteries are pretty efficient, and do last a full day. But what about when you have a longer day then usual, and are away from a wall charger? Well that’s where power banks come into play. Allowing you to juice up your phone in a hurry without needing to be tied to the wall outlet. In this buyer’s guide, we are going to be detailing the best power banks for 2022. This list will work with any smartphone, whether that’s Android or iOS, since the majority of them do not come with cables and use USB-C or USB-A for charging.

Best Power Banks 2022

These are the best power banks that you can buy for your Android smartphone in 2022. Power banks have gone up in prices over the years, there’s quite a few over $50, whereas when we first started doing these lists, you could get one for close to $20.

There are some that will do fast charging and even wireless charging, in this list of the best power banks of 2022. So without further ado, here are the best power banks in 2022.

CostWhere to buy
Belkin Power Bank 5K$25Amazon
UGREEN 10000mAh Power Bank$29Amazon
Mophie powerstation XXL$59Amazon
NinjaBatt Power bank 20000mAh$19Amazon
Samsung 10,000mAh Super Fast 25W Power Bank$75Amazon
evatronic 20,000mAh laptop Power Bank$59Amazon
EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station River Max$499Amazon
Mophie Powerstation Mini$17Amazon

Belkin Power Bank 5K

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The Belkin Power Bank 5K is one of the smaller battery packs on this list, and also one of the cheaper ones. It doesn’t do anything fancy, but it does have two USB ports, one USB-A and one USB-C.

The 5,000mAh cell inside should be enough to fully charge your smartphone once, depending on the phone. Some smartphones have batteries that are this size, so they won’t be fully charged by this battery pack. It’s moreso for a quick top up to get you through until you get home or somewhere that you can charge.


Belkin Power Bank 5K - Amazon

UGREEN 10000mAh Power Bank

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This power bank from UGREEN is a really impressive one, especially for under $30. It’s got a total capacity of 10,000mAh. So it can charge most phones twice, if not three times on a single charge. It also has a USB-C port and a USB-A port. The USB-C port is for input and output and supports 20W. Not the fastest, but at this price, it’s pretty good.


UGREEN 10000mAh Power Bank - Amazon

mophie powerstation XXL

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mophie’s battery packs have typically been pretty pricey, but in recent years their prices have come down while competitors have gone up. mophie makes some really high-quality battery packs, like the powerstation XXL here.


This is a 20,000mAh capacity battery pack (still not the largest on this list!), and it offers up USB-C PD fast charging at up to 18W. There’s two USB-A ports and a USB-C port used for Power Delivery. This allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

mophie powerstation XXL - Amazon

NinjaBatt Power Bank

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This is another 20,000mAh capacity battery, this time from NinjaBatt, which is a new entry to our list here. Like the Belkin model at the top of the list, this one does not have anything fancy – including fast charging.

It’s a 20,000mAh capacity battery that offers two USB-A ports and a USB-C port. It can charge at up to 15W via the USB-C port, but that’s about as fast you’ll get here. That does mean that this will charge your phone more than a fast charging 20,000mAh battery pack.

NinjaBatt Power Bank - Amazon


Samsung 10,000mAh Fast 25W Portable Wireless Charger

best power banks 2022

This is one of the most expensive chargers on our list here of the best power banks in 2022. And it’s not hard to see why. This power bank does something that no other on our list does. It is able to charge wired at 25W, and wireless at 7.5W. That’s the fastest charging available on any power bank on this list, and the only one that does it wirelessly too.

While this is a Samsung power bank, it will work with any smartphone, including the iPhone.

Samsung 10,000mAh Fast 25W Portable Wireless Charger - Amazon

evatronic 20000mAh Laptop Power Bank

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This power bank from evatronics is actually meant for a laptop, due to its larger capacity, but it works for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches too. There’s a USB-A port as well as a USB-C PD port available. It can charge at up to 60W, which is fast enough for most phones, and even some laptops.

evatronic 20000mAh Laptop Power Bank - Amazon

ECOFLOW Portable Power Station River Max

best power banks 2022

This is the largest and most expensive power bank on this list. This is really for those that like to go camping, or have a power reserve when the power goes out. The storms the last couple of years have been pretty incredible.

The River Max from Ecoflow has 576Wh backup power, and only takes 1.6 hours to fully recharge. There are three USB-A ports including one fast-charge port, a USB-C PD port, as well as three AC outlets on the side. It also has a flashlight and a car charging port available. So if you’re out of power and your power company is taking their sweet time to come and fix it, this is a great product to have available. Or if you just want to go camping this summer.

ECOFLOW Portable Power Station River Max - Amazon

mophie powerstation Mini

best power banks 2022

Finally, rounding out this list is the mophie powerstation Mini. This is a pretty small battery pack, coming in at 5,000mAh. So it won’t be able to fully charge (0-100%) most smartphones in 2022, but it is great for topping up. And it doesn’t take up much space either.

This one comes with a USB-A port as well as a USB-C port that can be used for input and output.

mophie powerstation Mini - Amazon