Top 7 Best Password Managers – Updated September 2022


Everyone needs a password manager. Yes, even you. And there are quite a few good options out there, but we’ve rounded up the very best password managers that are on the market.

The first one that likely comes to mind is LastPass. They’ve been around for a very long time, and has been a very popular name in the space. But they are actually why we decided to make this list. There’s been a decent amount of bad news coming out about LastPass in the past year, from essentially forcing everyone to pay for LastPass, to it using over seven different trackers. Which could lead to data leakage. Not something you want to hear about your password manager.

So here are some alternatives for LastPass, and to keep your passwords safe and sound.


Why do I need a Password Manager?

Password managers make your life so much easier. Instead of having to remember hundreds of passwords – in fact, I have over 500 in my password manager right now – you only need to remember one password. This also means that you can use more complex passwords than just “1234567890” or your birthday, or something else that is going to be super easy to guess.

These password managers all work on every platform too. From iOS, to Android, to Windows, MacOS, Linux and even most browsers. Making it easier to login to your accounts on your smartphone, desktop or even your tablet.

Additionally, there is usually a feature that allows you to store your credit cards in your password manager, meaning that not just anyone can use your credit card number to buy stuff – like your kids. And finally, most have a notes feature, to store notes behind a pretty secure password. Which can be useful for more sensitive content.


Top 7 Best Password Managers

Switching password managers can be pretty tough, and annoying, but luckily most of them have a way to export your passwords, so you can easily add them all to the new manager, and be on your way.

This list has the best password managers that are currently available. Now this may change over time, as new ones get better and old ones fizzle out. But let’s check out the best password managers that are currently available.

CostFree Trial
1PasswordStarting at $2.99/month
Password Boss$0-$4/month


best password managers

  • Price: Free, paid accounts are $2.50 and up
  • Free trial: No, but there is a free account available
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NordPass is one of the newer password managers out there, and it comes from the same folks that made NordVPN. One of the best VPN’s on the market.

With NordPass, you’re getting a pretty nice looking design in the app, which is also pretty modern. You also get the ability to save unlimited passwords – even on the free account. You can also use it on up to six devices at the same time (one for the free account).

NordPass can automatically sign into different sites for you, making the sign in process painless. There’s also a feature to scan for password breaches, with the premium version. It makes sharing passwords super simple, and you also have the ability to use two-factor authentication.


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  • Price: Starting at $2.99/month
  • Free Trial: Yes, 30 days
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1Password is a good choice for the tech geeks out there. This is a very secure password manager, that includes using a “secret key” to get into your vault. I actually found this quite annoying when trying to login to things quickly. But the encryption level here is top-notch, and that’s important for keeping your passwords protected.


Like with most of the best password managers, 1Password also has a password generator. So you can generate a super secure password for every account you save.

With Watchtower from 1Password, you can also see which passwords have been compromised, which are vulnerable and which are weak and need to be changed. So you won’t need to worry about your accounts being hacked.

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best password managers

  • Price: $4.99/month
  • Free Trial: Yes, on premium plans (30-day money-back guarantee)
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Dashlane is another household name when it comes to password managers. It’s been around for quite some time, and does offer a free account, as well as paid accounts. And the free account is actually usable.

Not only can you easily save your passwords on Dashlane, but you can also easily change them. Additionally, you also have the ability to share them with anyone. Like your Netflix password, you can easily and securely share it with someone else.


Dashlane also can save your notes, credit card numbers and much more.

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  • Price: Free to $3.33/month
  • Free Trial: No
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Bitwarden isn’t a big name or owned by a big company like some other names on this list, so they are able to offer their service for much cheaper. There is a free plan, along with a premium account for $10/year and a family plan for $40/year. Which is insanely cheap.

With Bitwarden, you can save unlimited passwords on all accounts – even the free one. It also makes it easy to login to your accounts. On the family account, you can add six accounts, making it easier to share passwords between family members.

If you have a premium or family account, you can also securely store some notes and credit card numbers. You get 1GB of secure storage for non-password data.

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  • Price: $2.91/month
  • Free Trial: No
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Keeper offers a few different plans for its password manager, with more and more features. But you can get it for as low as $2.91 per month. Much like other password managers on this best of list, it can autofill your passwords, as well as auto-generate new passwords for new accounts for you as well.

By upgrading your account, you can get dark web monitoring too. To make sure that your passwords have not been compromised or are vulnerable.

It can save unlimited passwords, and be used on unlimited devices as well. Allowing you to use it on your smartphone, tablet and/or desktop.

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Password Boss

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  • Price: $0-$4/month
  • Free Trial: 30-days on premium accounts
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Password Boss includes all of the usual features from the best password managers on this list. That includes being able to autofill your passwords, as well as generating new passwords. There’s a secure browser available, which is nice for logging into things like your bank account and such.

For security, it has 256-bit AES encryption, as well as two-factor authentication.

For one of the cheaper password managers on this list, Password Boss is pretty feature rich and secure.

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  • Price: $0-$4/month
  • Free Trial: Yes, on premium accounts
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LastPass is a really great password manager, but you’d better splurge for a premium account. As the free account will only allow you to use it on one specific device type. That means either on mobile only or on desktop only.

Otherwise, it has a bunch of other great features available, like generating new passwords for you, alerting you to compromised passwords, and there’s also a security challenge, to keep your passwords nice and strong.

One thing that LastPass does that a lot of other best password managers don’t do, is save WiFi passwords. This is useful for those that do a lot of traveling.

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