Best Black Friday Motorola Smartphone Deals – November 2020

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If you're in the market for a new phone, then now is the time to pick one up. Motorola has a number of great smartphones on sale for Black Friday and even ahead of Black Friday. So you can get a new smartphone today, instead of waiting for Black Friday on November 27.

Motorola releases a lot of phones every year, so there are a ton of smartphones from Motorola on sale right now. From the cheap Moto G Android smartphones, all the way up to the new Motorola Razr 5G foldable smartphone. And everything in between. So no matter what you're looking for, or how much you're looking to spend, there's something here for everyone.

Currently, there is one smartphone deal that really stands out to us, and that's the Motorola Edge. This is a $700 5G smartphone, that is now down to just $400. It's a really good device to pick up, especially for only $399. With plenty of storage and RAM, along with the Snapdragon 765G chipset inside. And it has a 6.7-inch waterfall display, which looks absolutely stunning on this smartphone.


Best Black Friday Motorola Smartphone Deals

Black Friday is basically the best time to buy a new smartphone. There are other shopping holidays where other products are cheaper than on Black Friday. But for smartphones, Black Friday is the big day.

Of course, picking up a smartphone for someone on your holiday shopping list is always a good idea. Because no one is going to say no to getting a new smartphone for Christmas. And if they do, they are pretty dumb.

Below, you'll find all of the Motorola Android smartphone deals that are available right now. We will be continuously updating this post with new deals, so make sure you keep this bookmarked, if you are looking for a new smartphone.

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Motorola Edge (Amazon)
Motorola Edge (Amazon) - $399

This is perhaps the best phone for the money on this list. At $400, the Motorola Edge offers a whole lot of smartphone. It’s a 5G device, with a 6.7-inch HD waterfall display, and 128GB of storage on-board.

Moto G Power (Amazon)
Moto G Power (Amazon) - $179

If you need a phone that will last you a couple of days on a charge (we aren’t kidding either!), then the Moto G Power is a great option. And it is unlocked, working on all of the major US carriers.

Moto G Fast (Amazon)
Moto G Fast (Amazon) - $149

The spec sheet isn’t impressive on the Moto G Fast, but it is still very capable. And for under $150, you really can’t do any better than this Android smartphone.

Motorola Razr 5G (Amazon)
Motorola Razr 5G (Amazon) - $999

The slightly improved Razr, now with 5G is also on sale for over $200 off. This is perhaps the cheapest foldable smartphone on the market, and definitely an interesting one.

Moto E (Amazon)
Moto E (Amazon) - $119

Perhaps the best smartphone for kids or even your parents, is the Moto E. It’s super cheap, and does all of the basics. But it won’t blow you away when it comes to performance and the display.

Moto G Stylus (Amazon)
Moto G Stylus (Amazon) - $249

The Moto G Stylus is very similar to the other Moto G smartphones, but it comes with a stylus, for about a quarter of the price of a Galaxy Note smartphone. Which makes it really impressive. And a good buy for Black Friday.