Top 10 Best Local Music Player Android Apps – 2022

AH Pulsar music app

Music streaming is what many people go to when it comes to their music needs. Well, if you’re not really into music streaming, for whatever reason, and you still listen to audio locally, we have just the apps for you. In this article, we’ll talk about the best local music player apps for Android. Well, these are our picks, at the very least. You’ll find 10 of them in the list down below.

There are way more good local music player apps available in the Play Store, aside from what we listed here, of course. Still, we wanted to keep the list somewhat compact, and all 10 apps on this list are excellent. Some you’ve probably heard of already, like Poweramp, for example, as it has been around for a long, long time. Many others, however, you probably didn’t stumble upon thus far. Do note that these apps are not listed in any specific order.

Top 10 Best Local Music Player Android Apps 2022

Below is a quick overview of the top 10 best local music player Android apps for 2022, including any download and in-app purchase costs.

Download CostIn-app cost (per item)
PowerampFree / $5.49
Simple Music Player
Retro Music Player$0.99-$14.99
PulsarFree / $3.99
Oto Music$0.99-$14.99

Top 10 Best Local Music Player Android Apps 2022 Downloads

Below is a little more information on each app, and a direct link for easy downloading.

All download links go to the app’s Google Play Store listing. Users are always recommended to download apps from Google Play or an authorized app store.


Poweramp app grid image 2022

  • Price: Free / $5.49
  • In-app purchases: No
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Google Play rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Poweramp is, coincidentally, the very first app listed here. This has been one of the best music player apps for years at this point. Millions of people use it, and after around 1.4 million reviews in the Play Store, it still holds a rather high rating of 4.5 stars. Poweramp has been packed with features since the get-go, and that number only grew in time. The app also looks excellent these days.

This app supports hi-res output, and it comes with a new DSP, including an updated equalizer. It supports internal 64-bit processing, and gapless smoothing. It supports opus, tak, mka, dsd dsf/dff formats. Both light and dark skins are included in this app, while you can pinch-zoom in lists. A 10+band graphical equalizer is available, and it comes with built-in and custom presets.

Download Poweramp (trial)

Download Poweramp (full version)

Simple Music Player

Simple Music Player app grid image 2022

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: No
  • Size: 7.4MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Simple Music Player is another really compelling music player app. This app does come with less options than Poweramp, but then again, most other apps do. It does offer a really clean UI, and it’s highly-functional. The developer even claims that this app comes with a “unique battery-saving feature”. You can optimize the app UI’s colors, just so that you make this app look the way you want.

The app allows you to program which track/music you want to fall asleep with, through the sleep timer feature. This app also comes with an equalizer, and you can create and manage your own playlists here, of course. There is a very nice widget included, that you can use, while you can access the song label management as well. Despite the fact this app focuses on simplicity, it does have quite a few features included.


Download Simple Music Player

Retro Music Player

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $0.99-$14.99
  • Size: 8.9MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Retro Music Player is yet another really nice-looking music player for Android. Despite the fact it’s called ‘Retro’, this app looks quite modern, but in a good way. The UI is really clean, and the app is a joy to use, actually. There are three main themes that you can choose from, white, dark, and just black. The latter, as you probably already guessed, is made for AMOLED displays.

The app does allow you to choose accent colors from a color palette, though. There are over 10 now playing themes available, and the drive mode is included in the package. You can play songs based on a folder they’re in, and the app provides gapless audio playback. Widgets are available too, as is the tag editor. You can create, edit, and import playlists, while the app supports 30 languages.


Download Retro Music Player


  • Price: Free / $3.99
  • In-app purchases: No
  • Size: 5.4MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Pulsar is easily one of the best-looking apps on the list. It has that clean, flat look, and it’s really easy to navigate. This app comes without ads, even in the free version. The paid variant of the app does include some extra features you may be interested in. It comes with 16 additional themes, theme customization options, 5-band equalizer controller, 9 pre-built equalizer presets, and bass booster, and more.

Both versions allow you to manage and play music by album, artist, folder, and genre. Smart playlists are at your disposal, while the app can automatically sync missing album/artist images. You can filter your music across albums, artists, and songs, while the app also includes a resizable home screen widget. The app does include Android Auto support, and it has a sleep timer.


Download Pulsar


Vinylage app grid image 2022

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $2.49
  • Size: 12MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Vinylage sure is one of the most unique-looking apps on the list. This UI is based on vinyl turntables, and a virtual vinyl player will be in the background while you’re listening to music. These turntables come with realistic animations, and great accuracy, claims the developer. There are 5 skins that you can choose from, including white plastic, 2 aluminum ones, and 2 woody skins.


The developer included vinyl noise at the beginning and the ending of a track, while you have access to manual control for the tonearm. You can use the DJ scratching technique in this app as well. A sleep timer is included, and you can manage your playlists. A widget is a part of the package here too, and the same goes for an equalizer with the bass-boost feature. This app has plenty of features.

Download Vinylage


Audify app grid image 2022

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $6.99
  • Size: 21MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Audify is one of the best-rated local music players on the list, if not the best rated one. This app also comes with a modern design, though slightly more flashy than most other apps on the list. It also includes a rather capable equalizer, a 5-band equalizer, to be accurate. That equalizer comes with reverb settings. You can browse songs in 6 different ways here, by playlists, genre, folder, artist, album, and songs.

A rather nice widget is included in the package, while you can create playlists without a problem. Themes are available in two sets, while the app does allow you to remove annoying clips from Music Player while scanning the app. You can even set your ringtone straight from this music player, if you want. This player is available in 40 different languages, so even if someone doesn’t know English very well, that won’t be a problem.

Download Audify

Oto Music

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $0.99-$14.99
  • Size: 5.5MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Oto is another highly-rated music player for Android. Many people seem to like this app, and for a good reason. The app looks great, it’s flat, and really intuitive, the UI is great. It comes with full Android Auto support, and gapless playback support. On top of that, Chromecast support is also included in the package. There are multiple Now Playing themes at your disposal here, and more are coming.

Both normal and synchronized lyrics support is included, and you can both download and edit lyrics from the app itself. A sleep timer is included, while an equalizer is built in. There are 5 widgets at your disposal as part of this application, and you can both import and export playlists. Light and dark themes are supported, while the animations are quite nice. We’re only scratching the surface here, this app is packed with features.

Download Oto Music


  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $3.99
  • Size: 11MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Omnia is also a feature-rich local music player. It comes without ads, and its design is quite modern. It can play almost all audio formats, including mp3, ape, aac, flac, aiff, flac, opus, ogg, wav, dsd… and more. The app includes a 10-band equalizer, and despite the fact it’s rather feature-rich, it weighs only 5MB. It offers gapless playback, and it will provide you with song lyrics as well.

You can edit tags in this player, while it has Chromecast support too. Android Audio is supported as well, and so is sleep timer. The Omnia player has play high-res audio, while smart playlists are also included. There are some additional features that you can check out here, but we’ve listed the main ones.

Download Omnia


Eon app grid image 2022

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $1.49-$49.99
  • Size: 13MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Eon is in line with other nice-looking players on the list. it looks great, and all the essentials are here, and then some. There are four theme presets available here, including light, dark, black and transparent. Android Auto is also supported by the app, while Eon can play all the common audio formats, such as mp3, aac, ogg, wav, m4a, and flac. The app does include an equalizer.

A unified search engine will make sure you find everything really fast, and the app does allow you to edit tags. A homescreen widget is available in 12 sizes, while you do get lock screen controls as part of the package. You can create, edit, and listen to playlists. The app can auto download missing album arts in high quality. There are some additional features available here.

Download Eon


Lark app grid image 2022

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: $1.99-$6.99
  • Size: 19MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Lark Player also comes with a flat design, which is in line with modern UI requirements. This player comes with dedicated modes for different types of music, including Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and so on. It supports a wide variety of audio formats, including mp3, midi, wav, flac, ac3, aac, wma, acc, and so on. You can even pull down the lyrics from the Internet, for your songs.

The app does come with a rather powerful equalizer. It has functions such as bass enhancement, reverb setting, sound field adjustment, and so on. The app also offers a floating music player, for multitasking purposes. Lark can also set a ringtone for your smartphone, you only need to choose which one. The app allows you to share music with your friends, and it acts as your personal radio app as well. There’s a lot more to discover in this app.

Download Lark