Top 10 Best Google Pixel 5 Cases – Updated June 2021

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The Google Pixel 5 is a really great device to pick up, especially if you can get it on sale. And while it is a bit more durable than other phones on the market, you’re still going to want a case for it. So we have rounded up the very best cases available for the Pixel 5.

There will be more cases announced in the coming days and weeks. And as new cases are announced, we’ll be updating this post. So that it has the best cases for the Pixel 5, as the title states.

Top 10 Best Google Pixel 5 Cases

This list has plenty of great cases for the Google Pixel 5. These include clear cases, rugged cases, TPU cases and much more. With price points all over the place, so that there is something here for everyone.

Cost Where to buy
SPARIN TPU Case $7.99 Amazon
Yiakeng Shockproof Silicone Protective with Kickstand $7.88 Amazon
HNHYGETE Slim Shockproof Case $7.80 Amazon
EasyAcc Slim Case $8.99 Amazon
Vecomelo Slim-Fit TPU Case $7.95 Amazon
Weycolor Silicon case $9.95 Amazon
Zeking Clear Case $5.95 Amazon
TUDIA DualShield $11.90 Amazon
Totallee Case $35 Totalleecase.com

Best Clear TPU Case

sparin tpu case


The SPARIN TPU Case is a really good looking TPU and clear case for the Pixel 5. Allowing you to still show off the fact that you have a Pixel 5, without actually using it naked.


This ultra slim and lightweight Pixel 5 case, adds minimal bulk to your phone while providing comprehensive protection. perfectly matched to all button.

SPARIN does also sell this in a 2-pack, which is not all that common with cases. But definitely a good thing to have on-board.

SPARIN TPU Case - Amazon

Best rugged case with kickstand

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Yiakeng Shockproof Silicone Protective with Kickstand

Yiakeng Shockproof Silicone Protective with Kickstand

This is one of the best cases for the Google Pixel 5, particularly if you are prone to dropping your phone. As it will protect it from drops. And that included kickstand is really nice to have too.


This Dual Layer hybrid Defender Armor case provide stylish and dual layer protection for your new mobile phone against abrasion, scratches, dirt, dent, and damages.and anti-fingerprints protection. Full access to all ports, buttons, and cameras on the phone without the need to remove the case. Simple snap-on design for easy installation and removal.

Yiakeng Silicon Protective Case - Amazon

Best slim case for Pixel 5

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HNHYGETE Slim Shockproof Case

HNHYGETE Slim Shockproof Case

This is a really good looking, slim case for the Google Pixel 5. It’s slim but it can still absorb shock, if you do happen to drop it. That way you are still protected.

Resilient Shock Absorption and Carbon Fiber Design,Designed specifically for Google Pixel 5.


And at less than $8, it’s definitely worth picking up for your brand new Pixel smartphone.

HNHYGETE Slim Shockproof Case - Amazon

Best ultra-thin case

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EasyAcc Slim Case

EasyAcc Slim Case

This EasyAcc Slim Case is perfect for the Pixel 5. It’s ultra-thin, so it won’t be adding a lot of bulk to the Pixel 5, keeping those that want a smaller phone, nice and happy.

It is also available in Matte Black, which looks incredible on the Pixel 5. It will, however pick up fingerprints and grease from your fingers, due to it being matte black. So make sure to keep that in mind before picking this one up.


And at only $9, the EasyAcc Slim Case is easily one of the more affordable cases, that doesn’t look absolutely terrible on the Pixel 5.

EasyAcc Slim Case - Amazon

Best Slim-Fit TPU Case

61pH2hjqS6L AC SL1165
Vecomelo Slim-Fit TPU Case

Vecomelo Slim-Fit TPU Case

This is a really good looking slim-fit case from Vecomelo, and it’s going to look really great on your new Pixel 5 smartphone.

Rugged single-piece TPU case with the latest air spring technology fits like a glove, providing better shock-absorbing, anti-scratch, and anti-fingerprints experience at a slim profile look.


Vecomelo Slim-Fit TPU Case - Amazon

Best Silicon Case

513vN6t uL AC SL1200
Weycolor Silicon Case

Weycolor Silicon case for Pixel 5

This Silicon Case is an interesting one, as it comes in a few different (bright) colors. Like purple, yellow and red. It also comes with two screen protectors. So it’s an all-in-one case and less than $10.

The Weycolor Google Pixel 5 case is made from liquid silicone that provides a soft feel and has a more comfortable grip. Anti-slip matte finish guarantees a firm hold on your Phone.

Weycolor Silicon Case - Amazon


Best clear case

pixel 5 cases
Zeking Clear Case

Zeking Clear Case

This clear case from Zeking is a really stunning option for the Pixel 5. It allows you to still show off and appreciate the design of the Pixel 5, while also protecting it.

This is particularly great for those that picked up the subtle sage color and really want to look at that green Pixel 5.

It has reinforced sides, so it is going to keep your Pixel 5 nice and safe, even if you do happen to drop it.

Zeking Clear Case - Amazon

Best dual-layer case

pixel 5 cases tudia
TUDIA DualShield

TUDIA DualShield

This is one of the most expensive cases on this list, surprisingly. But the TUDIA DualShield is a really awesome dual-layer case for the Google Pixel 5.

Since this is a dual-layer case, it is pretty thick. And will make your smartphone quite a bit thicker than it already was. But for most people, that’s not a big deal. Because the added benefits of being able to keep your phone protected, are far more important.

TUDIA DualShield - Amazon

Best thin case

totallee case

Totallee thin case for Pixel 5

This is one of the best thin cases on the market for any phone. Totallee specializes in making super thin cases for smartphones like the Pixel 5, and they’ve done it again here.

The Totallee case is available in clear and frosted matte colors. Both of which look incredible on the Pixel 5. This is also a super thin case, coming in at about .02 inches thick. Which means that it is not going to add much bulk to your smartphone.

Totallee case - Totalleecase.com