Best Apple Watch to buy in 2023

Apple Watch Ultra AM AH

For iPhone users, the Apple Watch is hands down the best smartwatch you can buy. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch only works with the iPhone, so it’s not really great for Android users. But for iPhone users, there’s more choices than ever for the best Apple Watch. So we have gone through Apple’s current lineup to help you decide on which model is right for you.

In 2023, Apple’s lineup for watches range from $249 all the way to $799 as starting prices. Of course, those prices can go up with the titanium case, or different bands. But those are the starting prices. So without further ado, here is the best Apple Watch you can buy in 2023.

Best Apple Watch you can buy today

In the table below, you’ll find the Apple Watches that we are recommending here, as well as their pricing and where you can find them. We are only recommending the ones Apple are currently selling, along with the Apple Watch Series 7. The Series 7 can still be found at Amazon and other retailers, brand new and not used. So it’s worthwhile to add to our list here.

Product name Cost Where to buy
Apple Watch Ultra (49mm) $799 Amazon
Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm/45mm) $399 Amazon
Apple Watch SE 2 (40mm/44mm) $249 Amazon
Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm/45mm) $251 Amazon

Best overall Apple Watch

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Apple Watch Ultra

  • Price: $799
  • Where to buy: Amazon

The Apple Watch Ultra is our choice for the best Apple Watch overall for two main reasons. The titanium case with sapphire crystal glass, and the battery life.

While the Ultra is geared more towards athletes, you don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy the Apple Watch Ultra. It’s actually my Apple Watch of choice, and I absolutely love it. The battery life is a little more than two times as much as the other Apple Watches. Apple rates it at about 36 hours, but of course this number is going to fluctuate depending on how you use your Apple Watch Ultra. I can typically get two to three full days out of mine.

With the Apple Watch Ultra, you get the crown guard on the side, which gives it a unique look compared to the other Apple Watches. On the left side you get an action button, which defaults to starting workouts, but can be used for just about everything.

Now, when it comes to bands, the Apple Watch Ultra does have three different styles of bands available – the Alpine Loop, Trail Loop and Ocean Loop. But if you already have some Apple Watch bands laying around, those will work too. Any 44mm/45mm watch band will work here.


Apple Watch Ultra - Amazon

Best Apple Watch under $500

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Apple Watch Series 8

  • Price: $399
  • Where to buy: Amazon

The Apple Watch Series 8 is really our best overall runner-up watch here. Not everyone can or wants to, spend $800 on a smartwatch. Luckily, Apple makes it so that you don’t have to. The Apple Watch Series 8 starts at $399 for the 41mm size. There’s also a larger 45mm model available for $429. The Series 8 also comes in stainless steel for $699 and $749 respectively. Which is a tad cheaper than the Ultra.

With the Apple Watch Series 8, you get a lot of the same features as the Ultra. But you do miss out on the extra battery life, the sapphire display (unless you get the stainless steel option) and the action button. Apple quotes the Series 8 as lasting about 18 hours, but you can usually get a full 24 hours and then some out of the battery here.


Like the other watches on this list, the Series 8 also runs on Watch OS 9, which gives you access to all sorts of features. Like Apple Fitness, Apple Health, MyFitnessPal and many other apps. Apple Pay and Apple Wallet is also available for a quick tap of the wrist to pay.

Apple Watch Series 8 - Amazon

Best for first-timers

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Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation)

  • Price: $249
  • Where to buy: Amazon

If you don’t currently have a smartwatch, or use an Android phone and smartwatch and are thinking about switching, the Apple Watch SE is going to be the best option for you. Not only because it’s the cheapest at $249 for the 40mm model and $279 for the 44mm, but because it is pretty bare bones.


It does lack some of the features from the other watches here. For example, it does not have the always-on display. Which for some might be a big deal. Myself, I normally turn that off, so it’s not a huge deal for me. It does run the same chipset as the Apple Watch Series 8, so you won’t have to worry about it losing support sooner.

Apple Watch SE - Amazon

Best sub-$300 Apple Watch

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Apple Watch Series 7

  • Price: $251
  • Where to buy: Amazon

The Apple Watch Series 7 is no longer sold by Apple, so pricing can be a bit wonky here. But we’ve found over at Amazon, that it starts at $251, and that is not for a “renewed” model either. This makes it just a few bucks more than the Apple Watch SE, and it has all the same features as the Series 8, including that always-on display.


This model also comes in a lot more options over on Amazon, so you can get the specific case color and band color that you want, which is definitely good. It also has the Blood Oxygen and ECG apps on-board, which the Apple Watch SE do lack.

Now, you might be worried about support here. But keep in mind that the Apple Watch Series 7 actually runs on the same processor as the SE and Series 8. In fact, so does the Series 6. So the Series 6 and later should continue to get updated by Apple for quite some time. They only just dropped support for the Series 3, last fall with the launch of Watch OS 9.

Apple Watch Series 7 - Amazon