The Beats Powerbeats Pro & Solo3 Headphones Are 40% Off Today – Black Friday Deals 2020

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Amazon has the Beats PowerBeats Pro and the Solo3 on-ear headphones on sale today, at 40% off.

Beats products do go on sale rather frequently, but rarely are they ever discounted this much. Which makes this a really great time to pick them up.

The Beats Powerbeats Pro are available for $174.95, and that's down from $249. This is also good for its all-time lowest price. The Powerbeats Pro are truly wireless earbuds that are actually quite large. Like the original Powerbeats, they have the clip that goes over your ear. This allows the Powerbeats Pro to offer up better battery life and audio quality. Which is important with a pair of truly wireless headphones.


Then there's the Beats Solo3 headphones, which are discounted to $119, from $199. These are on-ear headphones and not the over-ear headphones. It's available in a few different colors too. The Beats Solo3 offer up some really great battery life too, well over 20 hours of battery life. Along with some really good audio quality. The bass is no longer super overpowering like it was in the older days.

Both of these headphones come with the Apple W1 chip. For us Android users, that doesn't mean much. But for Apple users, that means instant pairing. Just turn them on, or take them out of the case, and they will automatically pair with your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Even on the first pairing. Which is very useful, instead of hunting for it through the Bluetooth settings. Which you will need to do with Android, unfortunately. But they do work with Android devices too, as expected. Since it is just Bluetooth.

You can pick up the Beats Powerbeats Pro or the Solo3 headphones (or both!) from Amazon today by clicking here. This sale lasts until midnight PST tonight, after that it'll be back to their regular price.

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