Why Your College Student Needs A Roborock Robot Vacuum This Year

Roborock S7 AM AH 2

It’s Back to School time, and something you probably never thought about buying is a Roborock robot vacuum, for school. It’s important, especially for college students, as they are known for keeping their dorms or apartments pretty messy. And with the right robot vacuum, that can be a thing of the past.

I know what you’re thinking, you don’t want to spend $700 or more on a robot vacuum. I can’t blame you. But Roborock has quite a few models that are under $500, and some under $300. At that price, it is worth every penny.

But why does a college student really need a robot vacuum? A few reasons. It makes cleaning up your place a whole lot easier. And it means more time to study, or party (shhh we won’t tell). It’s definitely better for those that are living on their own, off-campus. But can also be useful in a dorm. Depending on the size of course.


Roborock E4

Our first pick for a Roborock robot vacuum for Back to School is going to be the E4. This is typically under $300, and has been under $200 a few times. It’s not a full robot vacuum and mop, only a vacuum. Which is one reason why it is so cheap.

It uses a dual-gyroscope system that can map out your dorm or apartment and it won’t miss a spot. The E4 will vacuum in a Z-shape pattern, until it has cleaned the whole room, before moving to the next room. Starting with the outline of the room and then going back and forth.

It has pretty strong suction, rated at 2000Pa. That’s stronger than some Roomba’s that are twice as much.


Of course, it works with the Roborock app, as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You’ll be able to set up a schedule of when the Roborock E4 is able to clean your dorm or apartment, as well as checking in on the maintenance. So you can see when you need to empty the dustbin, clean the sensors, replace the brushes and so forth.

Roborock E4 - Amazon

Roborock S6 MaxV

This is still our favorite robot vacuum that you can buy from Roborock, even though the S7 is available now. And it really comes down to one major advantage – Stereo Cameras with ReactiveAI. Basically, the S6 MaxV is able to see everything around it, and avoid obstacles like charging cables, scales, shoes, socks and many other things. Which robot vacuums always get tangled up in.


The S6 MaxV uses a LiDAR setup for navigating around your home. And it also uses those two cameras on the front. Which allow you to see what’s happening from the Roborock app, which is pretty neat as well. This does make a huge difference in the S6 MaxV. But we would really only recommend this option if you are in an apartment, maybe sharing with another student or students. As it is kind of expensive, and makes more sense in a larger place, rather than a dorm room that is usually around 180 square-feet (or about the size of an apartment in NYC).

It’s quite powerful with around 2500Pa suction power here. That’s strong enough to pick up AA batteries off of the floor. So it’ll do a good job of keeping your home clean.

Roborock S6 MaxV - Amazon


Roborock S7

This is the latest and greatest from Roborock. If your dorm or apartment doesn’t have much carpet in it, and has more hardwood or laminate flooring, then this is going to be the better option for you. As there are a lot of improvements to the mopping capability of the S7.

With the S7, Roborock debuted a couple of new features. Like VibraRise. This will automatically raise the entire mopping module off of the floor when it hits carpet. Keeping your carpets dry, and also not dragging the wet mopping pad around your home. There’s also Sonic Mopping here, which will scrub your floors quite nicely, and get those dried-on messes up off of the floor. This might not sound like a big deal, but it makes a huge difference.

Of course, the feature that everyone loves about the S7 is the auto-empty dock. This is a separate purchase, and costs about $300. But essentially, it allows the Roborock S7 to go to the dock and empty its dustbin while it is charging. So you don’t have to remember to do it. And the dust bags last around two months – in my testing, it’s lasting a lot longer actually. This is also a really great idea for those that are allergy-prone.


Like the other Roborock vacuums here, the S7 is also compatible with the Roborock app. As well as working with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Roborock S7 - Amazon

Wrap Up

All three of these Roborock robot vacuums are perfect to take back to school this year. And each one can serve a different use-case. Though, the E4 is still the best option for most college students. As it does a great job of cleaning and doesn’t cost a fortune. And college kids don’t typically have a lot of money to spend anyways. But a robot vacuum is not something you want to cheap out on, or you’ll pay the price.


You can purchase all three of these from Amazon, and with Amazon Student you can get free two-day (or quicker) shipping too. Which can be very useful here. Among the many other benefits that Amazon Student offers for those that are in college right now.