Avoid The Outside & The Coronavirus & Play These Games Instead

Destiny 2

Stay away from the coronavirus and play games instead. The coronavirus continues to take its toll on communities around the globe, and people are urged to stay inside in many cases to avoid possible contact. Lucky for you, because now you have more of a reason to stay inside and play games which is what we all know we’d rather be doing anyway.

So your local supermarkets are out of toilet paper and bottled water is also on the decline. If not already gone in your area. You nearly had to throw a few elbows just to buy the one or two bottles of hand sanitizer. So what? It’s not all bad.

You can stay inside and play a number of fantastic games across the many platforms or services that you have at your disposal. You could even have things delivered through Amazon Prime if you have a membership. We’ve rounded up some excellent choices for games to play to help you pass the time while you’re stuck at home avoiding most human contact and the coronavirus.


Games to play while avoiding the coronavirus

There’s a lot of options out there. And your list of games may be entirely different from this one. These are just some examples of great games that are definitely worth a look if you’re going to be spending some of your time diving into games while you lock yourself away for however long.

Destiny 2

Games are supposed to be fun, but they’re also supposed to be an escape from everything else. A form of entertainment meant to help you de-stress and relax from time to time.

Destiny 2 is a great game with tons of content, and it’s fun too! And, the new Season of the Worthy just launched this week. Which means you have even more to do.


Trials of Osiris also just launched today, so you’ve got something to work towards. Although it won’t necessarily be something to help you de-stress as it’s a high-stakes activity that may have you pulling your hair out. Still, it could be fun if you have a team of people to play with. And worst case scenario you can just spend your time preparing.

Not to mention, Destiny 2 is part of Twitch Prime, and is currently giving away free loot through months of drops. There’s never been a better time to hop into the game and take up the mantle of a guardian. The last bastion of hope for the last city.

Call of Duty Mobile

If you play games on mobile, either exclusively or just sometimes, Call of Duty Mobile is definitely one of the games you should be playing.


It’s not one of the most popular games on mobile for no reason. Multiplayer is just like you remember it being on consoles and PC. Fast, frantic, and full of chaotic moments where you’re forced to make decisions that will either mean victory or defeat.

You also have the second part of the Season 3 battle pass to work through and there’s just 19 days left on it. Hell, for all you know you may need to stay inside for the next 19 days. Grind out those battle pass ranks. Because you have the time now.

So utilize that time in a way that could lead to a sweet new gun once you hit rank 50. All those crates you get from ranking up are nothing to shake a stick at either.


Darksiders Genesis

Forget about the fact that there’s currently a pandemic going on and people are raiding supermarkets to stockpile rations like it’s the end times.

Instead, slay hordes of demons in Darksiders Genesis, a game where it’s actually the beginning of the end times. It’s a nice take on the popular series game and is essentially a prequel to the events of the first title in the franchise.

It’s still an action RPG, but it’s isometric rather than third-person like the other three games that came before it.


This is a great game because there’s just something about mowing down hell’s legions with cool-looking combat. There’s loads of cool unlocks that will have you striving for more, and the game is available on Stadia as well as other platforms.

Final Fantasy XIV

If you need a game to fill your time, as you may now have A LOT of it to go around over the next week or two, look no further than Final Fantasy XIV.

This game is filled to the brim with content. More than enough to keep you busy and it’s possible you may not even finish it all by the time you have to go back to work. Or school. Or wherever it is you have to go when it’s safe to brave the wilds of the outside world and human interaction again.


Because this game is an MMO, you have a very lengthy story to follow with tons and tons of campaign quests that cross three expansions after you’ve finished the main story quests of the base game. Which is.. exceedingly long on its own.

Let’s also not forget about the side quests. There are tons of those too. And this is all just mostly solo player content. Once you’ve gotten through all of that, there’s still dungeons and raids (though admittedly some of these cross paths with the main story quests).

You could even play mini games at the Golden Saucer casino to fill your time, or work on any number of the alternate character classes that the game offers once you’ve finished leveling up your main class. There’s so much to do in this game. And because it’s an MMO you can still interact with other people so you’re not entirely isolated.


Borderlands 3


Borderlands 3 is the fourth installment in the franchise, and it’s another looter shooter which means quite a bit of content to go through and tons of different weapons to chase.

It also just recently launched on Steam which means PC players who didn’t want to buy it from the Epic Games Store now have a chance to play it on their PC.

Borderlands 3 is a wonderful game for so many reasons. Part of it is the quests and all the gameplay content. Part of it’s the gun play and combat. A large part of it though is the continued comedic value it brings to the world of video games.

There are few games that have made me personally laugh harder than many of the moments and dialogue in any Borderlands game. And to be frank, a little bit of comedy while you play games is something a whole lot of people could use right now during the craziness of this coronavirus pandemic.

If this would be your first time romping through the vast lands of Pandora, there’s no need to start at the beginning. You can totally start here and love every minute of it. If you like shooters of course.