Do A Lot More With Less With The Launch Of Android 11 Go Edition

android 11 go edition v2

Just in time for Android 11, as expected, Google is delivering an update to the maximum specs for its Go Edition OS iteration. But it’s also bringing at least a few other features, according to an associated announcement from the search giant. And those will, for the most part, fall in line with standard Android 11. But with optimizations to make the experience better for budget-friendly devices.

For clarity, Android 11 Go Edition will be meant to serve less powerful hardware than stock Android 11. But it will be more powerful than Android 10 Go Edition as a result. The latest configuration will be set at a maximum of 2GB RAM, launching apps up to 20-percent faster than the previous version. And users will be able to run a handful more apps — three or four, Google says — in the background.

The update will also change storage, allowing users to snap up to 300 more selfies or download a full movie.


Performance improvements are great but what does this bring on the user-facing side?

Of course, one of the biggest changes that users will immediately notice is the introduction of Android 11 gesture navigation in the Go Edition. As might be expected, that’ll effectively work identically to standard Android 11. Users will be able to go to the home screen, back, or open and switch between recent apps. That’s with just swipes.

Google indicates the move will help more users get a better experience from the larger average screen size of Android devices.

But Google is updating security measures too. Specifically, Google is delivering on Android 11 one-time permissions in Go Edition. That means that users can select to grant access to sensors such as the microphone, location, or camera just once. Then, the app won’t have permission to access the data after being removed from memory. In effect, giving end-users more control over their data even in the lightest variant of Android.

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Finally, all messaging notifications in Android 11 Go Edition will showcase in a dedicated space within the notification shade.

When will Android 11 Go Edition land for end-users?

Now, Android 11 Go Edition — and Go edition in general — will be available for devices with up to 2GB RAM starting next month. But that doesn’t mean devices themselves will be. It will likely be at least a few months before the first new devices taking advantage of the new features arrive.