Amazon Prime Day 2021: Sale Dates, Deals & What To Expect

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The biggest annual sale for Amazon, is Prime Day, and for the second year in a row, it’s not happening in July. Last year, Prime Day was moved to October, due to the pandemic. However, this year it is being moved up, for Amazon financials reasons. It wants Prime Day numbers to show up on its Q2 earnings – typically its slowest quarter – so it is now in June.

Amazon Prime Day is once again a two-day event, happening June 21 and 22. Though Prime Day deals have already started.

With Amazon Prime Day happening very soon, here’s everything you need to know before the big day.


When does Prime Day take place?

Amazon has now officially confirmed that Prime Day will take place from June 21 and June 22. Making it a 48-hour long shopping holiday, similar to the past couple of years. It’ll likely remain at two days for the foreseeable future, officially. But Prime Day sales are usually a bit longer than two days.

Along with the announcement of Prime Day, Amazon has also kicked off a number of early Prime Day Deals. Allowing you to save big on different products and services right now.

What Prime Day deals are already available?

There are a number of Prime Day deals that are already available, and you can check them all out right here.


You can pick up a new Fire TV set for as low as $99. With the 50″ Toshiba 4K Fire TV going for $309.99. Which is a really incredible deal actually.

Also available right now, are some great deals on Fire TV devices and Echo devices as well. Like the Echo (4th Generation) is on sale for $79. While the Echo Dot (4th Gen) is on sale for $39.99 and the Echo Dot with Clock (4th Generation) is $44.99. Among many other deals.

There will also be more Prime Day deals happening as we get closer to Prime Day, in a few weeks.


What deals can we expect to see?

Amazon hasn’t announced the slate of deals for Prime Day yet, but we can expect to see deals across all categories of products sold on Amazon’s website.

We will also see some steep discounts on Amazon’s own hardware. Including Fire TV, Fire tablets, Echo smart speakers, Ring, Blink and much more. We might even see some discounts on Amazon’s newest products that it announced on September 24.

Based on the deals we’ve seen in previous years for Prime Day, we may also see some steep discounts on Instant Pots, DNA kits, smartphones, smart TVs and many more products. Instant Pots are always the big seller for Amazon on these big shopping days, so if you’ve been looking to pick one up, that might be the best time to do so.


Robot vacuum makers like Roborock, iRobot, Neato and others will also discount their products.

Amazon will offer extended trials for its services like Music Unlimited and Audible. In previous years, we’ve seen Amazon offer four months of Music Unlimited for only $0.99.

Where can I find good deals now?

You can follow AndroidHeadlines. We post the best deals all year round. Because you can’t always wait for Black Friday or Prime Day to pick up some new tech, Instant Pots, or other products.


Everyday, we post the best deals available from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and other retailers. To help you spend your money wisely, and not overspend. So make sure you keep this page bookmarked.

You can also check out Amazon’s deals page. This is updated every few hours with some new deals, and deals of the day.

Tribit Black Friday Deal
Black Friday

Should I just wait for Black Friday?

If it’s something you need right away, then the best bet is to buy on Prime Day. But if it’s just something you want, but don’t need immediately, then there’s no harm in waiting until Black Friday. Where it is still about five months away, it’s hard to gauge whether things will be cheaper on Black Friday versus Prime Day though. In all honesty, the prices will likely be almost the same.


Particularly since we don’t know the prices for Black Friday yet, and can’t even really do a good guess at those yet.

Black Friday will have more deals at other retailers though. So if you’re not dead set on buying from Amazon, then Black Friday might be the better time to make your purchases. Though many retailers do like to compete with Amazon on Prime Day.

Do I need to be a Prime member to take advantage of these deals?

Prime Day was created as a way to drive more Prime memberships. So yes, you will need to be a Prime member to take advantage of these deals. And there is a free 30-day trial you can sign up for – or six months if you’re a student – and take advantage of Prime Day.


Sellers will also be discounting products that are not officially part of Prime Day too. So the answer is yes and no. To take advantage of all Prime Day deals, you will need to be a Prime member. But not all deals during Prime Day are limited to Prime members.