How To Pre-Order The New Echo, Fire TV, eero & Other Amazon Products

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Amazon announced a boat load of new products, across many of its brands today. At its annual hardware event, where it announces new products under the Echo, Fire TV and eero brands.

The majority of what Amazon announced today is already up for pre-order (only the Luna Controller isn’t up for pre-order, as you’ll need to enroll in the beta to have a chance at buying it), including the new Echo.

These products are going to be available between September 22 and December 9. With staggered release dates, so make sure you read the shipping dates for each product below.


These will all arrive ahead of the holidays, so you can make your holiday purchases now and get everyone a new Echo Dot.

pre-order new echo
Amazon Echo (4th Gen)

New Echo products

You can pre-order the new Echo today. It costs $99, and will be shipping on October 22.

Amazon also announced the new Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock. Those are priced at $49.99 and $59.99. The Echo Dot ships on October 22 and Echo Dot with Clock on November 5.


In the Echo Dot family, you can pre-order the new Echo Dot Kids Edition is also $59.99 and releases starting on October 22 (the panda model releases on December 9).

Finally, there is the new Echo Show 10. This is not yet available for pre-order and doesn’t have a release date. So it’ll likely be launching later in the year. But you can sign up for updates.

New Fire TV products

Amazon had two new products in the Fire TV category, the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite. Both are up for pre-order now.


The Fire TV Stick Lite will cost you $29.99, releasing on September 30.

While the Fire TV Stick will cost you $39.99 and will ship on September 30.

1600803928 eero 6
eero 6

New eero Mesh WiFi routers

eero also had a couple of new mesh WiFi routers announced today. Which include the eero 6 and eero Pro 6.


The eero 6 is going to be $129 and will ship on November 2.

The eero Pro 6 is going to cost $229, also shipping on November 2.

Finally, we have the eero 6 Extender that is going to cost $89 and also release on November 2.


New Bundles

Amazon hasn’t wasted any time bundling some of these new products together. Including the Echo Dot and Fire TV Sticks.

You can pre-order the new Echo Dot and the Fire TV Stick Lite for $79.98, releasing on October 22.

Or you can pre-order the new Echo Dot and the Fire TV Stick for $89.98, shipping on October 22.


The all-new Echo is bundled with a Philips Hue bulb for free, it’s $99. It releases on October 22.

The new Echo Dot can be bundled with an Amazon Smart Plug for $10 more (that’s $59.99 total) and it releases on October 22. You can bundle the Echo Dot with Clock and the Smart Plug for $69.99.

You can bundle the eero 6 with an extender for $199. And it’ll ship on November 2.