Amazon Is Discounting Anker USB-C Hubs, Cables & More Today

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Today, in Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day, you’ll find a number of Anker smartphone accessories and USB-C hubs on sale. Up to around 40% off of its regular price.

Keep in mind that this price is good today only, as it is part of the Gold Box Deal of the Day. And it will expire at midnight PST tonight.  

As part of this deal, you’ll find the Anker PowerExpand Direct 7-in-2 USB-C dongle on sale for $35.99. That’s down from $59.99. This includes a HDMI port, a USB-C PD and a regular USB-C port as well as two USb-A ports, a micro SD and SD card slot. Speaking of USB-C hubs, there is also the PowerExpand 8-in-1, which also has a number of great ports available, including a 100W USB-C PD port.


You will also find the Anker PowerCore Play 6K Mobile Game Controller, which includes a 6700mAh capacity battery pack that is built-in, for just $21.99. That’s down from $35.99.

Anker’s three pack of Powerline+ USb-C to USB-A cables for just $13.19. These are braided nylon cables, so they are quite tough, and are great for those that have kids and/or pets. Then there is the Anker PowerLine III USB-C to USB-A cable that is on sale for $10.99, down from $15.99.

The Anker Surge Protector Power Strip with six outlets and three USB-A charging ports is on sale for $24.99, down from $33.99. You’ll also find the Anker PowerCore III Elite 25,600PD, with a 65W PD charger included, for just $109. That is down from $159.99.


Finally, the Anker 65W GaN USB-C charger is on sale for $30.59, down from $40.99. This also has different outlets so you can take it with you when you travel internationally.

You can pick up these Anker smartphone products and chargers today by clicking here. Remember this sale is good today only and expires at midnight PST.

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