AH Reader's Choice Awards: Most Innovative Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Fold

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2019 was one of the first years in quite a while where we actually saw some innovative smartphones. For the past few years, smartphones have been pretty boring, cookie-cutter one might say. But in 2019, we started seeing some changes, mostly due to foldable displays.

You chose the Samsung Galaxy Fold this year as the most innovative smartphone in our reader’s choice awards.

The results were pretty overwhelming for Samsung, making the Galaxy Fold almost a runaway win. The Galaxy Fold took the win with 47.1% of the vote. Following that up was the Motorola razr at 21.6%, the Huawei Mate X at 16.7% and the ASUS ROG Phone II at 14.7% of the vote. That’s a pretty decisive win for Samsung. And after having to delay the Galaxy Fold for nine months, it was definitely well earned.


The first truly folding smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was the first truly folding smartphone to hit the market. While there were a few others announced around the same time, so far, none of them have actually become available yet.

Galaxy Fold is more than just a folding phone though. Samsung had to make a lot of changes to how smartphones work with the Galaxy Fold. Not only due to the hinge that makes it fold, but also to the internals. Since batteries aren’t that flexible yet, there’s actually two batteries inside the Galaxy Fold.

Not to mention the second screen that’s on the front. Samsung had to make it work well with the inside screen that folds. With continuity, Samsung was able to do that. Allowing you to open up the phone and whatever was on the smaller display, appeared on the larger one. Making it a much better user-experience.


Samsung overcame first-generation technology issues

As is the case with any first-generation tech, the Galaxy Fold had some issues. It was originally set to launch in April, but after a handful of reviewers got their hands on the device and it started breaking, Samsung had to take action. It indefinitely delayed the Galaxy Fold launch, as it went ahead to re-engineer the device and make sure it wouldn’t break any longer.

That was the right thing to do on Samsung’s part. Especially since the Galaxy Fold was breaking so quickly after taking it out of the box. Samsung overcame some pretty big first-generation tech issues with the Galaxy Fold, and restored a lot of people’s faith in foldable phones. Even though they aren’t anywhere near ready for mainstream adoption.

Innovation in the smartphone space was a long time coming, and it’s great to see Samsung leading the way. Our readers agree and voted the Galaxy Fold as the Reader’s Choice Most Innovative Smartphone of the year.