AH Reader's Choice Awards: Best Smartphone of 2019 – Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

galaxy note 10 readers choice award AH

You chose the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ as the best smartphone of 2019. That differs from what we, here at AndroidHeadlines chose as the best smartphone of the year.

The results were actually for the reader's choice best smartphone poll was pretty close. With the Galaxy Note 10+ getting 35.9% of the vote and the Google Pixel 4 series getting 33.3%. That was followed up by the OnePlus 7 Pro getting 25.6% and the Samsung Galaxy S10e getting 5.1% of the vote.

Incredible performance and features

The Galaxy Note 10+ is the best that Samsung had to offer in 2019, and that was a whole lot of phone. While the Galaxy Note 10+ is not the cheapest – it's actually one of the most expensive smartphones released this year – it was worth the $1049 price tag.


Samsung gave us the best specs that were currently available, and it also bumped up the storage to 256GB. While most other smartphones on the market – even ones at the same price point – were giving users 128GB, or less.

The company also improved the S Pen yet again, which at this point, that sounds like it would be hard to do. But Samsung took the popular Bluetooth features from the Galaxy Note 9 and brought it over to the Galaxy Note 10+ and added some more gestures. So now you can easily open the camera app and take a photo without touching the Galaxy Note 10+. Making for some rather cool selfies.

We can't forget that Samsung equipped the Galaxy Note 10+ with the best display on a smartphone, and it also has a tiny hole-punch in the center of the display. So it is almost entirely all screen on the front of the phone.

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Samsung did a lot to the Galaxy Note 10+, a lot of changes from the Galaxy Note 9, which is not what you'd expect a year later.

The best all-around smartphone on the market today

We said this in the review, because it was true. The Galaxy Note 10+ checks all of the boxes. From having a great build and design, to a great camera and everything in between. It even checks the boxes on smaller features like a micro SD card slot and a larger battery. Though it is missing that headphone jack, something we expected to happen this year.

Samsung also included that really cool looking Aura Glow paint job on the Galaxy Note 10+ which makes the phone really shine. It's an attention grabber, in the right way.


All of these reasons are why the Galaxy Note 10+ is the reader's choice best smartphone of 2019. And it's hard to disagree with them on this front.