AH Reader's Choice Awards: Best Chromebook of 2019 – Google Pixelbook Go

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AndroidHeadlines readers have spoken and Google's own Pixelbook Go is officially the reader's choice best Chromebook Chromebook of 2019. That falls in line with our pick for the best Chromebook of the year.

2019 hasn't been a watershed year for Chromebooks and the results for the reader's choice best Chromebook poll didn't show a win by small margins. 61.5% of the total votes in our poll went to the Google Pixelbook Go. The nearest rival to meet the challenge was the ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 and that only managed to pull in 19.2% of the vote.

In third place, the value-heavy Samsung Chromebook 4+ stole away with just 11.5% of those polled. Pulling up the rear Acer's Chromebook 715 managed just 7.7%.


Back to basics and value-added, for the win

Google, unlike other Chrome OS and Chromebook OEMs, doesn't necessarily offer up a dozen Chromebooks in a year. Instead, all of its efforts are focused on a single device with a range of possibilities. It even killed off its tablet hardware division in 2019. The Google Pixelbook Go was this year's device from the search giant, launched back in October.

As is always the case, Google didn't focus on delivering the cheapest device around with Pixelbook Go. Instead, it focused its work on creating a value-ridden laptop starting at a moderate $649. That ranges all the way up to $1,399, depending on the specs chosen. But that's still cheaper than previous Pixel-branded Chromebooks.

That does include some of the best specs to be found in any Chromebook in 2019, likely going well into and beyond 2020.


While most Chromebooks have stuck to a 32GB ROM and cloud-centric storage, Pixelbook Go starts at 64GB of space. That's backed by 8GB RAM supporting an Intel-built Core m3 processor. Specs range up to as much as 16GB RAM, 256GB storage, and an Intel Core i7 chip — overkill for Chrome OS. Each chip is an eight-gen piece of Intel silicon.

Google also took its newest Chromebook back to the basics. Long gone is Google's need to deliver a 2-in-1 format. The Google Pixelbook Go doesn't support the Pixel-branded stylus pen. Instead, this is a laptop with dual-stereo front-firing speakers, two mics for better voice and audio input, and a backlit Hush Keys keyboard.

There are two cameras here too. That's a "Duo Cam" at a respectable — for a laptop — 2-megapixels, with an f/2.0 aperture and a 1.4μm pixel size.


The display for Pixelbook Go is a 13.3-inch panel at a 16:9 ratio, another step away from Google's usual take on Chromebooks. That comes in Full HD 1920×1080 (166ppi) or up to a 4K Ultra HD Molecular Display™ 3840×2160 (331ppi). That's a touchscreen so Android apps still work as intended.

The best Chromebook overall is a versatile shoo-in

Google Pixelbook Go may be missing a feature or two for niche audiences but what it lacks on those fronts it also makes up for. While the search giant kept its slim metal design, it also went a decidedly more Pixel-like direction with the design. That includes two color options for better personalization — Just Black and Not Pink. But it also includes some ruggedization consideration.

The quite aside from the versatile insides, Pixelbook Go features a damage-resistant exterior with a ridged undercarriage. That makes it harder to drop, to begin with, without compromising its look and feel. It also makes this very close to a go-anywhere and do-anything kind of laptop.


Coupled with interior choices, a Titan C security chip, a built-in FIDO authenticator, 45 W USB-C charging, and an ambient light sensor for better screen experience, this Pixel-branded laptop is made to be used however the user needs to.

Each of these reasons contributes to why the Pixelbook Go easily walks away with the reader's choice award for the best Chromebook of 2019.