AH Reader's Choice Awards: Best Android Game of 2019 – Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile AH Award

2019 was a big year for mobile games. Not just any mobile games mind you, but highly anticipated titles from big-name publishers.

Publishers like Activision, Nintendo, and more. Of course while there were more than a few big games that launched this year, none were bigger than Call of Duty Mobile. Which is what you chose as your Android game of the year.

Collectively, Call of Duty Mobile received 53.8-percent of the votes for best game. Beating out options such as Mario Kart Tour, Pokémon Masters, and Auto Chess. All three of those are very popular games, but not popular enough.


Call of Duty Mobile is the smash hit game of the year. And we thought so too.

Call of Duty the way you would expect

If you weren't really sure what to expect with Call of Duty Mobile, you weren't alone. Many thought that it would be low quality. On the contrary though it is actually really good.

It also delivers the Call of Duty experience you would expect a Call of Duty game to have. Which is more than can be said of some previous Call of Duty games on Android.


With Call of Duty Mobile you get strictly multiplayer experiences. So there's no campaign to play through. You do however get enough content to keep you busy and continue playing.

Not only do you have a fantastic multiplayer experience, you also get really tight touch controls and some pretty exciting combat. All wrapped up in a nice-looking package. It looks how you'd want it to look, and it plays how you'd want it to play.

Which is a big reason why it's the best game to hit mobile devices this year.


Multiple modes, lots of weapons, and consistent improvements

Following in the footsteps of Black Ops IV, Call of Duty Mobile is strictly multiplayer. But you do get more than just various match types for the standard multiplayer.

You also get a battle royale mode, and a zombies mode. Meaning you can spend 30 minutes or so going through matches in multiplayer then switch things up to fighting off waves of zombies.

The game works on a battle pass system too. So the more you play the more you level up. And the more you ultimately unlock. Such as new weapons for your loadouts. New perks to use, and new killstreaks.


All of this melds together to make Call of Duty Mobile the best game to hit Android this past year. It's just a shame that it didn't launch until October so players could have had more time with it before year's end.