AH Reader's Choice Awards: Best Android App Of 2019 – Disney+

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It was not easy for us to choose the best app of 2019 (that launched in 2019). Choosing the best app of the year is never an easy task, as so many of them get launched. In the end, we’ve landed on the Disney+, and it seems like our readers are on the same page. We’ve recently asked all of you to vote for the best app of 2019, and Disney+ won, by a landslide.

We’ve offered four choices on Twitter. In addition to Disney+, you could also vote for Ablo, Action Dash, and Enlight Pixaloop, all great apps that managed to have quite an impact on users in 2019. Disney+ not only won, but it wasn’t even close. The app managed to get 56.3-percent of your votes.

In comparison, Ablo was able to get 18.8-percent, while third-placed Action Dash received 14.1-percent of your votes. Enlight Pixaloop was last-placed with 10.9-percent of your votes. So not a single other app managed to cross the 20-percent threshold, making things easy for Disney+. It’s hard to deny the impact this application / service has had on users since it launched.


Disney+ app is well-optimized & backed by a great streaming service

Disney+ app works really well. From the first time we’ve tried it out, it functioned without a flat, basically. Many new apps tend to be buggy, especially apps that include a whole streaming service. Well, that was not the case with Disney+, at least not in our experience, and it seems like our readers have had similar experiences. The app did get several updates since it launched, and that only improved the overall experience.

This app managed to grow extremely fast, which is not surprising considering that Disney prepared quite an admirable content catalog from the get-go. The Google Play Store is showing that the app has been downloaded over 10 million times, and that number has been there for a while. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the exact number, but we’re pretty sure it’s much more than 10 million. That is especially impressive if you consider that this app is region locked. Many markets in the world don’t have access to it.

It was available for Android TV from the get-go

What also helped this app be a success, is the fact that it supported quite a few devices from the get-go. Disney+ launched with support for Android TV, which is not something we can say for all streaming services. Hulu was not available for Android TV for a long time, for example, which only goes to show that Disney paid attention to details. This app also supports all Android phones with Android 5.0 or above, as far as the Android platform is concerned.


This application also has a great UI. It’s really simple, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a streaming platform / app after all, so complicating with UI design would not be a good idea. This app will be used by various different age groups of people, so it should be simple, and approachable. It’s eye-pleasing, and pretty much everyone can use it. It is missing some features, true, but those features will come in time. All in all, Disney+ is a great application, backed by a really good streaming service. It deserved both an award from our editors, and our readers.