How To Enable Navigation Gestures On Galaxy S20

galaxy s20 navigation gestures AH

These days, navigation gestures all the rage, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 does have them. In fact, the Galaxy S20 has two different kinds of navigation gestures.

So Samsung has kept its own navigation gestures in this new version of One UI. And it has also adopted Google's version, which is present in Android 10. We're not talking about the pill gestures that were very much hated by everyone out there. These navigation gestures make it easier to use the phone, especially given the size fo some of these phones these days. And here's how you can enable them on the Galaxy S20.

How to enable navigation gestures on Galaxy S20

Firstly, to turn on navigation gestures, head into the Settings.


Screenshot 20200226 114125 Settings

Now tap on Display.

Screenshot 20200226 114133 Settings

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Next scroll to the bottom of that page, until you find Navigation Bar and then tap on that.

Screenshot 20200226 114237 Settings

Now tap on Full screen gestures.


Then tap on More options.

Screenshot 20200226 114505 Settings

From here you can choose where you want Samsung's gestures or Google's. Samsung's gestures swipe up from the bottom for each button. So swipe up on the left side to go back, the center for home and the right side for recents. Meanwhile, Google's gestures are a bit easier to use one-handed. Swipe up to go home, swipe up and hold to go to recents and swipe in from the left or right side to go back.


Choose which ever gestures you prefer, and you're all set. Now, if you are using a case, you may want to adjust the back gesture sensitivity. For instance if you find that you are sometimes accidentally hitting the back gesture, try it at a lower sensitivity.

And that's it. That is how you enable navigation gestures on the Galaxy S20. This works for all three Galaxy S20 models.

We prefer Google's gestures on the Galaxy S20, especially the S20 Ultra, due to its size. It makes it easy to hit all of the gestures when you need them. And seeing as swiping up for home and from the left or right to go back are a big part of using Android, it makes it much easier. But you can choose whichever you prefer, and even switch between them if you want. Or, just stick to buttons, as that is still very familiar for a lot of users out there.


And that's where Android shines, because it gives everyone choices, and plenty of them.