Huawei P30 & Mate 20 Smartphone Sales Hit 37 Million


Huawei has announced some sales numbers of its flagships. In this particular case, the company announced sales numbers for the Huawei P30 and Mate 20 handsets.

Huawei P30 & Mate 20 sales soar above expectations

This announcement was made in China, during the company's 5G conference. Huawei has managed to sell 20 million P30 series smartphones, and 17 million Mate 20 series devices. These are actually really great sales numbers for Huawei, that's for sure, it proves that both the P30 and Mate 20 series devices were quite popular.

You may recall that Huawei did share some sales numbers back in September as well. During the Mate 30 launch event, Huawei announced that it managed to sell 17 million P30 units, and 16 million Mate 20 handsets.


So, in the past month or so, Huawei managed to increase the P30 and Mate 30 sales quite a bit. It managed to sell 4 million devices in a month and a half.

At the end of last month, Huawei announced its very optimistic goal for 2019, a new goal. The company said that it is aiming to ship out 270 million devices by the end of the year. That is an ever more optimistic goal than it set for 2019 in general, at the end of last year. Back then, the company said that it is aiming to reach 250 million in sales.

If you take into account all the issues that the company is experiencing due to the US trade ban, this is staggering. Huawei does not have access to Google services, it is not allowed to pre-install them on their new devices.


That has created quite a problem for the Mate 30 series of devices. The company is working on solving that problem entirely, though that could take quite a bit of time.

Huawei believes the Mate 30 will sell better than the Mate 20

In fact, the company is expecting the Mate 30 series sale to beat the Mate 20 sales. Back in September, Huawei said that it is expecting to sell up to 20 million Mate 30 series smartphones.

That could very well happen, especially if the trade ban ends up being lifted soon, and it could happen. A trade deal between the US and China is getting closer by the day, it seems.


The U.S. Commerce Secretary said the other day that 'Phase One' of the trade deal is almost complete. That phase alone may allow Huawei to continue doing business with the U.S.-based companies, including Google.

That deal is expected to be signed in November, so the deal may be closer than you think. It remains to be seen if it will actually happen, but things are looking quite positive at the moment.

Huawei will have a hard time reaching such high sales numbers if that doesn't happen soon. The company may be capable of replacing Google's services, but as its very own executives said, that would take quite some time to do.