NVIDIA's DLSS is coming to Starfield in a future update

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When Starfield launched on September 6 for PC players, it did so without support for NVIDIA DLSS. This feature, officially known as Deep Learning Super Sampling, allows owners of NVIDIA 20 series cards and above to use AI-powered graphical and performance upscaling.

With it enabled, it results in higher resolution graphics and more stable, but also faster frame rates. Starfield does have a feature like this but it’s currently limited to AMD GPUs as it’s AMD’s version of called FSR 2. Soon though, NVIDIA users will get proper support. Technically, you can already get DLSS inside of Starfield, but it requires the use of a mod. And while many players have reported great successes with it, there are bugs. And for some there may be more than others.


The reason DLSS is important for players is because there are going to be those who don’t have high-powered PCs to run the game as smoothly. This is where DLSS can come in handy. As it boosts frames per second and visual performance.

NVIDIA DLSS will come to Starfield in a future update

Proper NVIDIA DLSS support for Starfield is part of an upcoming update that was announced by Bethesda today. So it’s not available just yet, but it is coming. Bethesda says that right now it’s focusing on fixing bugs and making the game more stable where needed. After it’s taken care of that, it’ll look to implementing the DLSS alongside other highly requested features. This will include an FOV slider, HDR calibration, brightness and contrast controls, and support for ultrawide monitors with a 32:9 aspect ratio.

There’s even going to be an “eat” button for food (exciting!). If you can’t wait for the official DLSS support to arrive, you have some options. Firstly, you can check out the mod for it. But as mentioned this does have bugs so there may be some things that don’t work right. Another option is you can stream the game via GeForce NOW. And if you’re playing on PC and have an Ultimate membership, it’ll run at up to 4K with up to 120 frames per second. Otherwise, sit tight and the update for DLSS will be here soon enough.