Niantic gives you a new way to hunt monsters

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The launch Monster Hunter Now happened a day earlier than expected, having officially landed for mobile devices on September 13. The game is available to install right now if you needed a new augmented reality game to fill your time outside. Will it capture the same magic as Pokémon GO? Tough to tell. Though we’d wager probably not. As no game from Niantic ever has, though the studio has tried numerous times.

That being said, if you’re a Monster Hunter fan, then the launch of Monster Hunter Now is sure to be exciting. You can play the game on both Android and iOS devices for free, and like other Niantic games there will be optional in-app purchases for a number of different things. Keep in mind though, that you should be able to play the game completely without spending a dime. Time will tell how heavy handed the micro transactions really are. As noted by Android Police, it seems they’re really only for gem packs at the moment. But they do scale up to $99.99.


Monster Hunter Now challenges you to master the hunt in 75 seconds

Let’s be real. Most of Niantic’s games have eventually shut down not long after launch. Sometimes in a year, sometimes in six months. Since there’s no certainty of this game’s longevity of support, we advise against spending any large amounts of money on it. But it does look like a fun game to play while out and about.

Aside from finding and hunting monsters around your local cities, it seems the game has some sort of challenge mode where you will need to see if you can “master the hunt” in 75 seconds or less. You’ll likely need some powerful weapons and gear to accomplish this. Not to mention some higher levels for your character. Although it also probably depends on the level of the monsters you’re fighting.

The game will let you find and hunt down familiar monsters from the franchise. Including Rathalos. It’s a game that seems to be at least worth trying if you like Monster Hunter, since it’s free.

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