Microsoft is launching an Xbox credit card with gamer perks

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Microsoft has announced an Xbox MasterCard credit card that revolves around gamers and giving them more value out of the Xbox brand. Microsoft is partnering with Barclays to issue the card and gamers who use it can earn things like card points for money spent. Those card points can then be saved and built up for redemption on games.

You can spend those points on games directly according to Microsoft’s official announcement, or rack those points up for use on gift cards. Which you can then spend on Xbox.com to buy games or other Xbox products. You’re looking at quite a bit of spending to earn points though. You get 1 point for every $1 spent. And you’re going to need a lot of points to actually buy games.


Microsoft says there’s an initial purchase benefit of 5,000 points for the very first purchase on the card. Which is valued at around $50. That does help owners of the Xbox MasterCard get started. But in many cases these days, $50 isn’t even enough for a full price AAA Xbox Series X game. Points are just one benefit though. Here’s what else the card offers.

The Xbox MasterCard comes with three months of Game Pass

Another nifty perk, is the inclusion of three months of Xbox Game Pass for free. But there are some caveats. This is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and it has to be for new members only. If you already subscribe to Xbox Game Pass or have in the past, it seems you wouldn’t get this benefit. It also only comes through after the first purchase. So you would essentially get it at the same time as those 5,000 points.

Microsoft offers five different designs of the card and you can even get it personalized with your gamertag if you like. The card is being tested exclusively with Xbox Insiders within the US starting September 21. Naturally you’ll need to apply since it’s a credit card. It is important to note though that the annual APR is extremely high. Ranging from 20.99% all the way up to 31.99%. In other words, maybe don’t get this card. Or at least read over the terms and conditions very thoroughly.