YouTube TV Makes NFL Sunday Ticket More Convenient with Unlimited Streams

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The NFL Sunday Ticket is coming to YouTube TV this fall, and we’re slowly learning more about the experience fans can expect, later this fall. On Thursday, YouTube TV announced that it is also adding unlimited streams at home for the NFL Sunday Ticket Package.

This comes after feedback from many subscribers about being able to have unlimited concurrent streams. Now this is only going to be in your home. Outside of your home, you’ll be able to use 2 concurrent streams. That is in addition to the unlimited streams at home.

This will be available to those that subscribe via YouTube TV, as well as YouTube Primetime channels.

YouTube TV is also making Multiview available for NFL Sunday Ticket

Among a few other features, YouTube TV is also making Multiview available for NFL Sunday Ticket. Allowing you to watch up to four games at the same time. This is similar to what DIRECTV offered with Sunday Ticket. So it’s not a surprise, but this is new for YouTube TV. In fact, it was testing the feature during March Madness this year.


On top of that, customers will be able to DVR as many games as they want. Since NFL Sunday Ticket does offer every single game – both in-market and out-of-market – to everyone, you can literally record every game. And don’t forget that the Cloud DVR is unlimited. Making this a really sweet option.

The big difference for YouTube TV having the NFL Sunday Ticket, versus DIRECTV, is that you’ll be able to watch it anywhere, without a satellite dish. Since it’s done over an internet connection.

So how much is NFL Sunday Ticket going to cost? Well, it’ll be $349 for YouTube TV subscribers, and $389 with NFL RedZone. For those that just want Sunday Ticket and not YouTube TV, it’ll be $449 and RedZone is added for $489. Now that price is for the full season. It’s more expensive than any other service, because of the deals the NFL has with FOX and CBS for local games. Unlike MLB.TV, NFL Sunday Ticket does broadcast in-market games.