You'll need to download a new app for Max

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Today, HBO MAX was officially rebranded as simply, “Max”. And with it comes a lot of changes. Basically, Max is the combination of HBO, Warner Bros and Discovery into a single app. Which makes for a pretty big streaming service, one that could and should rival Netflix and Hulu.

However, instead of simply updating the HBO MAX app and adding Discovery content to it, Warner Bros Discovery decided it was better to create a new app. So now, you’ll need to go through and download MAX onto every device you have HBO MAX available on.

I’ve done this on a couple of devices that I have, it was rather painless. Download the app, and then it logs you in automatically. I imagine it is taking the login from your HBO MAX app to log you in. Since they have the same underworkings, it’s not that big of a deal, just a bit messy.

The app itself, is a bit different than HBO MAX

The Max app itself is a bit different compared to HBO MAX. With the biggest difference being that the side menu is gone. Instead there’s a menubar at the top of the screen for Home, Series, Movies, HBO and New & Notable. So it’s not quite as easy to navigate as HBO MAX was, especially with the addition of Discovery content here.


The company has done a good job of mixing in Discovery content with Warner Bros content. Of course, Warner Bros has a lot more content. After all, it is the largest studio in the US. And Discovery mainly does reality TV shows. Which are a lot cheaper to make, compared to Warner Bros. But there’s no longer a dedicated tab to DC for Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and others.

It’ll take some getting used to, but so far, the app is performing a lot better than the HBO MAX app ever did.