Prepare for tons more Android apps on Windows 11

Amazon App Store on Windows 11

Windows 11 is about to get a huge influx of Android apps on the Amazon App store for Windows, as it’s now open to all developers.

This week, Microsoft announced that it would be opening up the program for all developers who wanted to do so, to submit their Amazon App Store apps to the Windows 11 platform. As 9To5Google points out, this should lead (hopefully) to a lot more Android apps on Windows 11, as there are currently around 50,000. That’s no small number of course, but it’s far less than what Amazon offers in the app store. Not to mention far less than there are Android apps in general.

Developers will need an open Amazon Developer account to submit apps to Windows 11

While there were limitations on this before, it seems Microsoft is easing up. Noting that the main requirement now is just that developers need to have an Amazon Developer account to submit the apps to Windows 11.

If they meet that requirement, then submissions can be made. This likely means that Microsoft feels the Amazon App Store is in a good spot. And push forward by opening the door for any developer that wants to expand their app’s reach.


Apps of course do need to be tested and approved before they’re published on Windows. So submitting them isn’t guaranteeing they’ll be distributed to Windows users. For new developers, Microsoft has set up a pretty explanatory guide. On top of that, Amazon has plenty of useful information on getting through the process as well.

Running Android apps on Windows 11 may not be ideal for some users. But for others it might be a nice change of pace. For one, you get to use the apps with a larger display. It also might be more comfortable to use your favorite apps on a desktop.