Latest Sony Xperia 1 flagship design surfaces ahead of launch

Sony Xperia 1 series flagship device

The design of the coming Sony Xperia 1 V has hit the internet ahead of its launch. This disclosure came as a Reddit user and tipster shared an image of this device’s billboard promotion. From this billboard, users can see the rear design of this device as well as a few other elements.

This flagship device will hit the shelves in about a week, and it will pay attention to a certain niche. Over the years, Sony has worked on building a device for the photography-oriented user market. To do this, they pack a ton of photography and video technology and software features.

The new entry will pack some improvements to the camera technology. Even the rear camera layout as seen on the billboard shows some improvements. Let’s now delve a bit into the design of this coming flagship-level device.

Sony Xperia 1 V series design and what you need to know

Sony calls this device the Xperia 1 V and it will succeed the Xperia 1 IV that launched last year. In terms of design, netizens can expect a ton of similarities between this coming device and its predecessor. Over the past few years, Sony has put little effort into changing the design of its devices.


The Sony Xperia 1 IV came with reasonably sized bezels at its top (housing the selfie camera) and bottom (chin area). This design is a bit outdated, as most Android manufacturers have moved over to narrowing out the bezels and using dot-in camera cutouts. Some other manufacturers have also made moves over to the under-display selfie camera technology, leaving Sony in the dust.

But that doesn’t seem to bother Sony, as with each launch they offer users out-of-date bezels. Well, for their coming flagship device, it isn’t clear whether they will stick to these bezels or opt for a more recent design. The attention here might still be on photography and not design or slim bezels.

From the billboard, it is easy to spot that the coming Sony Xperia 1 series flagship device shares some design similarities with its predecessor. It will come with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and flat sides with a bit of texture to them. For the camera cutout, there are a few design changes there that netizens can take to mind.

One such change is with the positioning of the flashlight, this will stand the Xperia 1 V apart from its predecessor. Instead of sitting above the camera cutout, the flashlight will now be integrated into the camera cutout. It might also feature a larger camera sensor that supports the LN2 low-noise mode.


Sony will launch this device on May 11 and has been able to keep leaks to the bare minimum. More details on this device will become available during the launch event. Will this flagship device also come with a headphone jack like other Sony Xperia 1 series devices? This will be made known in just a matter of days!