The PS VR2 reaches 600k units sold in under two months


Sony’s PS VR2 headset has actually done quite well, according to a recent PDF from Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, showing sales of the headset following its release back in February.

Although some had suspected that the headset wasn’t doing well, data from SIE suggests otherwise. Ryan confirms that sales of the PS VR2 had reached 600,000 units within the first six weeks of the headset’s launch. The PS VR2 officially launched back on February 22 of 2023.

600,000 units may not sound like a lot compared to the amount of PS5 consoles sold by the time the headset was available. But on the contrary, it’s a significant success from SIE’s standpoint. 600,000 units sold is better than the original PS VR in that same first six weeks when it launched. SIE’s chart shows that the PS VR2 had 8% more units sold than the first headset. Pointing to more popularity over the second-generation hardware.

PS VR2 sales from other retailers aren’t included in the data

Since the data provided by SIE only includes the first six weeks of the headset’s launch, the number of headsets sold is probably higher than 600,000. Those first weeks don’t account for the last part of April or any of May. And as of May 12, the PS VR2 was officially available to buy at Best Buy and other retailers here in the US. As well as some other local retailers in other countries.


SIE also appears to expect more sales with upcoming PS VR2 titles. Beyond PS VR2, SIE is also looking ahead, highlighting some of its plans for ensuring future growth. This includes expanding the PlayStation IP, with the company projecting having 50% of its console releases be from internal studios.

It’s also looking at expanding the IP beyond gaming. Which it’s already done with shows like The Last of US on HBO. This is in addition to upcoming TV and film projects like Twisted Metal, Gran Turismo, the Ghost of Tsushima movie, a God of War series and more.