Sony's new PlayStation Showcase event will be an hour long

New PlayStation Showcase

Sony has officially confirmed its new PlayStation Showcase event, which will take place on May 24. For a couple of months fans have been speculating when Sony’s next big event for the PlayStation platform might be. And it seems it’ll be here a little sooner than some might have expected.

The new PlayStation Showcase is just a week out, and it’ll start at 1pm PDT. There is always something to be excited about at each of these events. But this time there appears to be more exciting stuff than usual.

For starters, the event will be an hour long. Sony’s State of Play PlayStation livestreams are usually around 30 minutes. So this showcase will give players double the amount of livestream footage to consume. Which means there’s more room for game trailers and other announcements.

That leads us to the next big and exciting detail about this showcase. The games.


The new PlayStation Showcase on May 24 will focus on games from top studios

Some PlayStation livestreams are about indies, some about one game in particular. The most recent State of Play for example was all about Final Fantasy XVI. The showcase next week will focus on PS5 and PS VR2 games from “in development from top studios around the world” Sony says.

There will be “several new creations” shown off, but it won’t be all about the big AAA games from the biggest studios. There’s also going to be a mix of “spellbinding games” from indie creators as well as PlayStation’s third-party partners.

As for what exactly will be shown, it’s tough to say. There haven’t been any hints as to what the plan is. But there are certainly more than a few titles that fans probably have in mind. Now that Final Fantasy XVI has been shown off in great detail, Final Fantasy fans surely want to see more of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Which is supposed to launch at the tail end of 2023.

Some fans are also hoping Sony and Sucker Punch will finally show off and announce a second Ghost of Tsushima game. There’s also a chance we could see more on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and there have been rumors about reveals involving Mortal Kombat and Metal Gear Solid.


Whatever Sony has cooking, though, fans are definitely in for what is hopefully an exciting hour of new game announcements.