Samsung launches Diesel-branded Galaxy S23 cases

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Samsung has launched new limited edition protective cases for the Galaxy S23 series. It collaborated with the iconic Italian fashion brand Diesel for these cases. The new accessories are currently available in Italy, Malaysia, and a few other counties. The company may release them in more markets in the coming days.

Samsung collaborates with Diesel to launch limited edition Galaxy S23 cases

The Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra are getting three new accessories. Firstly, we have a standard black cover made of elastic TPU-type silicone. Samsung promises an “ultra-shock resistant” solution with raised edges to protect the screen. It features the iconic Diesel logo in a white accent, along with the company’s tagline “for successful living”. The Korean firm says that the text is “printed with an exclusive rubberized effect.”


Next, Samsung is offering a Diesel-branded swappable backplate that you can use with its existing Frame Cover. It is a red plate with the Italian brand’s logo and tagline in white. The backplate is only available for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, though. Lastly, Samsung has launched a Diesel-branded strap that you can use with the Silicone Grip Cover for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. It “helps reduce the risk of accidental drops,” the company explains.

Samsung launched these new accessories in partnership with Diesel at an exclusive event in Milan. “By combining the innovative design of the Galaxy S23 series with the iconic Diesel logo, it is possible to fully express one’s personality, with a strong sense of authenticity and irreverence,” said Paolo Bagnoli, Head of Marketing and Retail at Samsung’s mobile division for the Italian market, in an official press release.

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Price and availability

Samsung announced these Diesel-branded limited edition cases for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra through a newsroom post in Italy. The company has priced the standard black cover at €34.90 in the country. The Ultra-exclusive swappable backplate costs €23.90, while the strap is priced at €29.90. If you want to buy the Frame Cover or the Silicon Grip Cover, both come with a price tag of €54.90.

These limited-edition accessories are available in Italy through Samsung’s online portal. You may also find the black cover in some retail outlets in select cities, though. As said earlier, the company has also released these Dies-branded cases for the Galaxy S23 series in Malaysia. However, it hasn’t revealed the pricing and availability details in the country yet. If you’re interested in these accessories, you may check their availability in your region at Samsung.com.

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