Samsung Internet update brings improved tablet layout and more

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Samsung has updated its mobile browser app Samsung Internet with some much-needed UI improvements on big-screen devices such as foldables and tablets. Most notably, the new version lets you move the URL/address bar to the bottom of the screen for easier access. This feature is already available on phones.

Samsung Internet is one of the best internet browsers for Android devices out there. It comes pre-installed and set to default on most Galaxy devices, though it’s available for devices from other brands as well. While it mostly offers the same set of features on smartphones and tablets, the latter group of products missed out on a few.

Until the latest update, Samsung Internet didn’t allow users to move the address bar to the bottom of the screen. As said earlier, smartphone users can already do that. Last month, Samsung added this ability to the tablet version of its browser app. The update is now available on the stable channel as well, giving everyone this ease of access.

Version of the app brings this feature to tablets. As noted by SamMobile, which first reported this update for Samsung Internet, the bookmark and tab bars are tied to the location of the address bar. So if you choose to move the latter to the bottom, the former two will also show up below the content on the screen. Future updates for the app may bring more flexibility. You can already choose to hide the bookmark and tab bars.


The latest Samsung Internet update contains another handy feature

Along with this change on tablets, Samsung Internet also now notifies you when a tab is closed because you have reached the limit. If you aren’t already aware, the app doesn’t let you keep more than 99 active tabs. If you open the 100th tab, the oldest one is automatically closed. While Samsung isn’t lifting this limit, it now notifies you when this happens. You also get an action button to reopen that closed tab. Doing this will close another tab, though.

All of these new features are part of Samsung Internet version The new version is already rolling out to Galaxy users via the Galaxy Store. As of this writing, the latest update for Samsung’s browser app doesn’t appear to be available through the Google Play Store for non-Samsung Android devices. But it should just be a matter of time now. As always, Samsung Internet will notify you when a new update is available.