Pricing of the upcoming ASUS ZenFone flagship device leaks on the internet

upcoming ASUS ZenFone flagship device

Pricing for the upcoming ASUS ZenFone flagship device is already available on the internet. This device’s launch date is still unknown, and its specifications are sparse. Tipsters have only made a few expectations regarding this device and what netizens should expect.

Concerning its pricing, despite being a flagship device, its pricing leaves the internet in shock. There is a little increment from the pricing of this upcoming device’s predecessor, making it an ideal entry. Although its pricing will see little change in comparison with its predecessor, this device will bump up its specifications.

Available information regarding its specifications points out that this device will no longer be a compact entry. This might be a dealbreaker for most buyers that fell in love with the ZenFone 9 because of its compact nature. But with a possible 6.3-inch screen size, many might argue that the upcoming ASUS ZenFone flagship device is still a flagship device.

Available device regarding the upcoming ASUS ZenFone flagship device

The upcoming ASUS ZenFone flagship device’s price was made known on the company’s blind test website. This website invites ASUS ZenFone fans from around the world to help create a great photography experience for the upcoming device. Those engaging in this process have to select between pictures in different settings for which option is the best.


But if you snoop around and move over to the terms and conditions page, you’d find the pricing of the coming device. Sources of this information credit the finding of this device’s pricing to a certain Wichaya Poka. This individual found the device’s pricing on the terms and conditions page and made it known to the folks at Android Authority.

Those taking part in the blind test will be going to be able to enter for a chance to win a unit of the upcoming ASUS ZenFone flagship device. Part of the terms and conditions for this competition points out that the upcoming ASUS ZenFone flagship device retails at approximately $749. At this price, this flagship device is more affordable than the Samsung Galaxy S23 entry.

When it comes to the specification of this flagship device from ASUS, it will launch with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. It will also pack up to 16GB worth of memory as the highest option available for buyers. The screen size might increase from 5.9 inches on its predecessor to 6.3 inches, whilst retaining its 120Hz AMOLED display.

The battery capacity on this device might be 5000mAh supporting 67W fast charging. There are also claims that this device will feature an OIS 200MP main camera sensor. These specifications should be taken with a pinch of salt, as ASUS hasn’t made any confirmation as to the specifications of their upcoming flagship device.