Pixel phones may have a brand loyalty problem

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It’s not only important that customers buy a company’s phone, but it’s also important that they stick around and buy future devices from that company. However, that seems to be an area where Google is struggling. According to a recent survey from Statista (via 9To5Google), it appears that Google’s Pixel phones have a  brand loyalty issue.

As you can imagine, companies like Apple and Samsung have very high brand loyalty. A large chunk of their user base is very likely to upgrade to the next Galaxy phone or iPhone. That’s good for ensuring future Revenue.

However, brand loyalty for Pixel phones is rather low

Google has come a long way since the first Pixel device. Heck, it’s come a long way since the Pixel 5a. The Pixel 6 series of phones was a rapid shift in direction for Google, and it definitely worked. It sold a lot of units, and Google continues to pump out popular devices.

However, that doesn’t mean that its user base is guaranteed for the future. Now, and in all honesty, you may want to take this with a grain of salt, as a rather small portion of the Pixel user base was surveyed.


Statista ran a survey amongst iPhone users, Galaxy users, and Pixel users. Apple and Samsung were pretty much neck and neck with their numbers. Of the 4,446 Apple users surveyed, 49% of them were very unlikely to switch to a different brand while only 34% were very likely to switch.

smartphone brand loyalty statista 2023

In the case of Samsung, 44% were very unlikely to switch to another brand while only 34% were very likely to switch. Statista surveyed 2,738 Samsung customers.

However, over at Google, things aren’t quite as cheerful. Again, Statista only surveyed 442 Pixel users, so the numbers aren’t the greatest. Out of the people surveyed, only 26% of them were unlikely to switch up with a whopping 57% likely to switch up. We’re not sure if the numbers would be different had Statista surveyed more people.


The Pixel series is still growing

In any case, the Pixel lineup is a toddler compared to the Galaxy and iPhone devices. Both Samsung and Apple have had more than 10 years to establish their customer base and create their own unique flavor of the smartphone experience. Google, on the other hand, it’s still building up its fan base. There’s a lot of excitement around the Pixel devices, so Google is going in the right direction.

In any case, if you have a Pixel device, and you love the experience, that’s all that matters.